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Marble Worktops In Reading – Price & Installation

Marble Worktops In Reading

Marble is a natural stone made from limestone after it is superheated to form its unique looking crystalline structure. The natural formation process gives marble 50 unique marble colour options and patterns that you can choose from. Marble countertops are classic and elegant.

Marbles is a good choice if you are looking to install a surface that will sustain you through the years. Marble worktops are naturally cool and pleasing when used in any workplace.

Marble is formed out of a calcium carbonate that gives it a chemical structure that reacts readily with acids causing etching on the surface. In this light, marble needs a little bit more maintenance than other stones in order to keep it pristine. All the same, they look better as they age giving them a classic and organic character.

Our marble slabs come in two main finishes:

  • honed;
  • polished finish.

The honed finished is achieved by sanding the surfaces to give it a soft, matte finish. Honed surfaces are superior to polished surfaces in that honed marble won’t show scratches as much as the polished surface. On the flip side, it is less dry and has bigger pores making it more susceptible to spills. It is highly recommended to seal the honed marble.

A polished marble finish means that it has smaller pores making it more immune to spills but more prone to etching. They are also more shiny and bright.

Marble Worktops In Reading – Price & Installation

Several years ago, marble was considered a worktop material for the wealthy. Marble was only found in luxurious homes, hotels, palaces and other high end establishments.

Today, marble is affordable given the increased availability and improved mining technology. Marble is abundant in the earth crust. All the same, some marble types are rare since they can only be found in specific quarries.

Just to be clear, not all marble is affordable. Carrara marble is among the cheapest marbles. It is largely imported from Italy. Carrar marble is cheap because of the dull colouring. Calcatta on the other hand is perhaps the most expensive marble because it is bright and has darker veins. The darker the veins, the more expensive the marble is.

We sell our marble from as low as £100 to as high as £380 per square metre. This costs includes installation and the cost of the slab. Our price depends on the specific type of marble, the complexity of the installation and to some extent the transportation cost.

To give value to our customers, we ensure that the marble is only installed by qualified persons. For homeowners who want to install their own marble, we give them free guidance and instructions in order to make their project a success.

We are among UK’s leading marble and natural stone suppliers. Reading is among our favourite market for natural marble. We have committed ourselves to supplying Reading home owners with high quality marble and professional installers.

If you are looking to upgrade your current worktop or install a new marble worktop, SurfaceCo are the right guys with the right tools at the right price.

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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Marble Worktops In London – Price & Installation!

Marble worktops London

Looking for quality marble worktops in London? Marble is a rock formed through a metamorphic process. Marble is used to refer to both foliated and non-foliated rocks composed of recrystallized carbonate materials like calcite and dolomite. Marble is mined in huge blocks weighing hundreds of kilograms that are later cut and polished to be used in different worktop areas around the home and office space.

Marble is loved not only because of its clean and bright look but because of its timelessness and elegant look. Marble will surely add an element of fanciness to a kitchen or reception desk. We have found it to be stunning in houses with an open dining room.

Marble’s natural colour is something that you will love. The variability of the colour is something that can only be matched by very few countertop materials. Does the colour variability cut the deal?

Marble worktop pros:

  • Beauty – Unrivalled, timeless, Classic beauty, with a white brightness not available in other natural stone.
  • Cool Temperature – Naturally cool. Best for making pastry and kneading.
  • Cost – marble is one of the most affordable stones despite some of them being very expensive. Generally, marble is affordable.
  • Widely available – Unlike some quartzes and the hard-to-find quartzite, marble is available from nearly any stone fabricator or stone yard.

Marble Worktops In London – Price & Installation

Despite its classic and expensive looks, marble is still one of the less expensive choices of natural stone worktops. Depending on the quality and type of marble, it may be more affordable than most types of granite and quartz. All the same, it will be more expensive than laminate and butcher.

The price of marble is dependent on the following factors:

  1. The type of marble – since it is a mineral, the material content of the marble will influence its quality. A pure marble slab will have the all-white look. The different shades of marble come as a result of impurities.
  2. Dealer and installer – different dealers have different prices for their marbles depending on where they sourced them and the profit margin they are trying to achieve. For the best prices in London, you should source your marble worktops from SurfaceCo.
  3. Transportation and installation – the cost of transportation is directly proportion to the distance. The cost of installation depends on the complexity of the design. Worktops with numerous corners and seams will attract a lot of manual labour.

NB: if you are going to install the marble worktop by yourself, ensure that you have a professional do the cutting and sealing for you. Marble is a very delicate stone that needs professional cutting to prevent it from chipping and cracking. Second, it is porous and thus needs to be sealed to prevent it from spills.

A spot check on marble prizes across London revealed that retailers are selling marble between £ 900 – £ 1100.

At SurfaceCo, we offer an all rounded and comprehensive approach in supply, fabrication and installation of marble and other natural stone surfaces to both consumer and contract markets around London and across UK in general.

We stock hundreds of tons of marble in stock to enable us to meet our production turnaround time (shortest you will find around).

For the best deals in the city, give our team a call today. Find details at https://www.surfaceco.uk/contact-us/ !

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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Marble Worktops Essex – Price & Installation!


Surfaceco.uk is a leading supplier of kitchen marble worktops in Essex. Marble is perhaps the best known and most apprised metamorphic rock. It is appearance is characterised by veins and bold colours given the fact that it was formed by a metamorphic process. Pure marble consist of mineral calcite is normally white in colour.

When impurities in the material composition come into play, marble gets a veiny, patchy and patterned look. The colour spectrum created by thee impurities in the material composition is wide and ranges from green, black and brown shades to grey and pink.

Marble has been used in world renowned structures and sculptures. Famous sculptor, Michelangelo used Italian marble for creating most of his famous sculptures.

The major market for marble is people who love pure white natural stone. There are not many natural alternatives besides marble. In fact, quartz engineers try to mimic the natural look of marble in some off their quartz slabs. As earlier mentioned, white marble is more often than not pure.

Besides its elegant looks, this material is hardy and lasts for decades. When installed as your worktop of choice, it will give you a classical and timeless choice for marble kitchen worktops. Even as it ages, it still maintains its allure and rich classical appearance.

When used as a kitchen worktop, marble needs more care and caution than quartz and granite. This is so because it is softer and more porous than both quartz and granite meaning that it scratches and stains more readily. All the same, it is darling for skilled bakers since it is naturally cool making it ideal for preparing dough and pastry during baking.

Marble Worktops In Essex – Price & Installation

Marble is a natural occurring commodity that is extracted from the earth crust in a manner that is similar to gold. This means that each quarry of marble produces marble slabs that are slightly different in terms of chemical composition and general appearance. In fact, it is believed that there are over 1000 different kinds of marble.

And since marble is a material that is used to aesthetically enhance a house, office etc. the looks fundamentally affect its price. There is no price transparency.   Keep in mind that the main factors that affect the market price of marble are;

  • Consistency – One colour shade across a slab;
  • Quality of finish/polish;

The quality of the stone will be the main price determining factor. High end stone will little or no defects fetches higher price than blemished stone with some defects. In most cases, you can ignore the defects but in some rare cases, the defects will affect the structural integrity of the countertop.

Marble may be the most expensive counter top material you will get. As earlier explained, there are different grades of marble, but none of them come cheap. Some of the world’s renowned and most valued sculptures are marble. When you buy marble, you buy the rich luxury and lustrous beauty of marble. Marble countertops can range from £ 90 – 175 per square foot

If you are looking to add a classical touch of elegance to your house or premises, then you are in the right place. SURFACECO, is UK’s leading supplier of natural stone slabs.

Contact us for all your natural stone needs and professional installation of all natural stone worktops in Essex.

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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Marble Worktops Croydon – Price & Installation!

Marble worktops Croydon

Given the wide variation in colour and design patterns, marble is the perfect option for any homeowner looking for style, luxury and sophistication. Marble adds elegance and value to any home. A home with marble worktops paints a picture of owners who are sophisticated, classic and stylish.

Marble is a natural stone that is formed through a metamorphic process. Due to its formation process, marble is not as hard wearing as other natural stones (quartz and granite) and thus it is susceptible to staining and scratching. This is the major downside of marble.

Marble has for long been used in bathrooms and flooring but given its beauty and classic looks, marble is today being used in many kitchen worktops. As a kitchen worktop, marble blends in perfectly with natural colours for cabinets and fixtures.

Details Of Marble Worktops In Croydon

The key to a long lasting marble worktop is the installation. Marble is a very delicate stone that needs proper care for it to stay looking new. Proper installation of marble calls for professional installers to do the installation.

The most important marble worktop installation processes are; cutting and sealing. The two process however need skills and special tools to accomplish. Marble is sold as slabs.

When you want to install a marble worktop, you will need to prepare a detailed template of your worktop and bring it to the dealership. The template must include all measurements and single out sinks and any other fixtures.

Sealing, on the other hand, is the process of installing a security wrap over the marble to boost its qualities. A properly sealed marble worktop will not be susceptible to staining and scratching. Our marble slabs will be sealed from the dealership, but you should re-seal them every now and then based on usage.

To save you all the hustle of taking measurements and worrying about creating a template, we offer professional installation services.

Our team of professional installers in Croydon will handle every installation process including taking measurements and cutting the slabs. All you will have to worry about is choosing the right colour and pattern of marble worktop.

The price of a marble worktop in Croydon varies depending on the following factors;

  1. Choice of marble slab – some marble slabs are more expensive than others. The rule of the thumb is; the rare the type of marble the more expensive it is. Another rule of the thumb is; the higher the quality the more expensive the marble slab is in Croydon.
  2. The complexity of the marble countertop design – some design have too many corners which require a lot of cutting and joining seams. This make the installation of the marble worktop difficult and thus expensive.

On average, the price of marble worktops in Croydon ranges from £ 35 – 175 per square foot. When you give it careful consideration, you will find that having our professionals install your marble worktop is the most viable option.

SUrfaceCo considered as one of the leading natural stone fabricators in Croydon and the UK in general. We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive service in the supply and installation of marble countertops in Croydon.

We have committed ourselves to giving our customers the most competitive prices in town.

If you are searching for a partner to do your marble worktop, give us a call today. We are the best in the industry.

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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Granite Worktops In Surrey – Price & Installation!

Granite Worktops In Surrey

Looking for quality granite worktops in Surrey? A new kitchen is a significant investment in any home; new or old. When you want to revamp your new home, you will likely consider installing several leading worktop materials. You will want a worktop material that is affordable, long lasting and most important of all, adds value to your home.

Granite countertops are growing in popularity due to the remarkable sturdiness and elegant appearance. Granite is known to take all the stress thrown at it during normal work activities. Granite kitchen tops are remarkable even when installed in busy work areas.

Granite Worktops In Surrey Details

As a granite supplier in Surrey, we know the fundamentals of a perfect granite worktop. With all the functionality of granite, aesthetics can’t be ignored.  We offer a range of colours that will surely suit your cabinets. One advantage of granite is that it comes in several natural colours and patterns. If you need your worktop to be unique, you can choose a rare pattern or colour. We have a large network of manufacturers all over Europe meaning that we can guarantee you variety.

Granite worktop have been considered for a long time as a reservation for the wealth. Today, thanks to technology and competition, granite has become cheaper and affordable. At SurfaceCO, we are steering down the expense of buying and installing and at the same time boosting the high quality specifications customers need.

Granite is not the cheapest counter top material in the market today. Nonetheless, your worktop surface is perhaps the heart of all the activity. By investing a little bit more on the worktop area, you will be transforming the whole place into a stunning and lively area.

All the same, some granite worktops will cost less than high end timber worktops. On average, our granite worktops will set you back £60 to £440 per square metre including installation. Through our stringent quality assurance processes we will ensure that you get just the very best quality Granite.

Why You Should Buy Granite For Your New Worktop

Granite is regarded as the second hardest natural mineral after diamond. It can only be cut using a diamond saw. The hardness means that the worktop can be installed in the cooking area, bathroom area, office reception, bars etc. Although granite is porous, when properly sealed, it can handle liquid spills and staining quite remarkably. Another advantage of granite is it is heat handling capacity. Granite can take high temperatures making it versatile when used in the kitchen or fireplaces.

For the best Granite Worktops In Surrey, you should definitely visit us. We pride ourselves in what we do. Every granite slab is prepared with extreme precision and finesse. Our quality assurance team leaves no stone unturned, literally, to ensure that you get only the end product of the finest craftsmen. We have an excellent record of consistently providing high-quality work. Feel free to contact us at any time, and we promise to not leave you disappointed.

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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Granite Worktops In Slough – Price & Installation!

Granite Worktops In Slough

Granite is perhaps the most beautiful and elegant stone that you can bless your kitchen with. Granite is a natural stone that is mined from the earth’s crust and transported to a cutting facility where they are cut into smaller practical slabs. The small slabs are then polished ready to adorn your home or commercial worktops.

Granite is famously known for its natural beauty. Besides it being aesthetically appealing, granite will bring your property value up by the same amount or more. Given its huge selection of colours and movements, granite is very versatile and can be used for kitchen countertops, fireplaces, floors, jacuzzis, vanity tops, table tops, tub surround, stairs etc.

The versatility of granite countertops is not by mere luck. Granite has desirable physical characteristics that make it suitable for the above applications. For starters, it is very hard. Too hard that it can take the normal knocks in the kitchen.

Being a natural stone, granite handles heat fairly good. It can withstand hot pans and utensils or a hot air blower in the bathroom. All the same, it is not advisable to place very hot objects on it since they will ruin the sealant. Sealing granite worktops is very critical since it protects the porous stone from stains and spills. A well-sealed granite worktop will last for many years without losing its aesthetic appeal. It is recommended that your re-seal every 2-3 years depending on the usage.

Price & Installation Of Granite Worktops In Slough

Installing granite countertops can be cumbersome and easy at the same time. This all depends on the approach you use. If you decide to buy the whole slab and cut it yourself, you will have set up yourself for some huge labour. Alternatively, you can take the measurements of your worktop area, mark out the sink area and other fixtures and have the dealer cut them out for you. In order to get it right, you will need;

  • Paper;
  • Pen;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Mouldable material (optional) if you want to mould a template to take to your dealer;

The first step is always the cabinets. Have the cabinets full installed and have them ready to receive the granite. Take all the necessary measurements and head out to SurfaceCo to select your preferred granite slab. Take samples of your cabinet colours for colour matching. You will get loads of interior designers to advise you on the colours. On average, Granite Counter tops will cost between £ 35-70 per square foot. The price vary according to the colour that you pick.

“East, west home is best” and “home sweet home” are two old sayings that hold water till today. The two are sentimental sayings that reflected correctly to every person out here trying to make their hones as homely as possible.

At Surfaceco, we understand the passion and love that people put in building their homes and we want to make your dreams a reality. Our staff are available to serve you and ensure that you get the most fit and practical advice.

We provide sales and installation services for Granite Worktops in Slough within Berkshire and the Greater London area. If you are looking for the best price quotes, material and colour options or edge designs give us a call today.

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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Granite Worktops Reading – Price & Installation!

Granite worktops reading

Granite Worktops Reading is the top provider of quartz and also granite kitchen worktops based in Reading.

Granite worktops are a very fashionable addition to your kitchen. Granite is neat, handy and very stylish. Granite is an ingenious rock formed when molten volcanic stone cools naturally under high pressure. The resulting stone is hard and very sturdy. In fact, it is second only to diamond when it comes to hardness.

This quality is perhaps the reason why granite is mostly used in worktop areas that need elegance and sturdiness in one. Granite has been used in kitchens, bathrooms, bar tops, fire places, walls etc.

It is no doubt that granite looks elegant and strikingly attractive. The most aesthetically unique nature of granite is the numerous range of natural colours and pattern that can blend in practically any kitchen cabinet and interior.

We have different shades of grey, green, black and blue that you can choose from. Apart from the elegance and physical appearance of granite, some other advantages are;

  • Price: granite is relatively expensive when compared to alternatives. However, granite is known to add value to homes. Second, since the slab lasts for decades, the long run cost of granite is worth the pricing.
  • Quality: when properly installed, granite slabs are resistant to chemicals, scratches stains and are anti-bacterial. This is achieved by installing a sealant after the granite has been polished. Re-sealing should be done every 2-3 years depending on the usage.
  • Appearance: there are dozens of colours and patterns to choose from. If you want to re-do your kitchen, you will have a dozen colours to choose from that will match your existing fixtures.

Granite Worktops In Reading Pricing

It is not a secret, granite does not come cheap. When compared to other countertop materials, granite is fairly more expensive. Nevertheless, we strive to make it as cheap as possible. Several factors come into play when deciding the price of installation of granite worktop.

  • The grade of granite: we have four grades of granite: closeout/clearance, builder’s grade, premium and designer. Clearance granite is pretty basic and thus it is the cheapest. Builders’ grade granite is slight better than clearance grade but it is not as good as closeout. Premium and designer grades are the most expensive. They are often used in custom jobs where slabs are fabricated specifically for the project.
  • The complexity of the installation job: depending on your worktop, the labour costs will be different. The number of corners, seams and the type of edges are some of the factors that determine the labour costs. Curved counters with multiple seams and edges make it difficult to cut and thus are the costliest.
  • The dealer and installer: the cheapest option is inarguably the cheapest option but it doesn’t necessarily make it the best. Professional installers might be expensive to install but it is definitely worth it since it is durable.

At SurfaceCo, we are passionate about providing quality granite worktops at an affordable price without the hassles and bustles that come attached.

For a long lasting and elegant looking granite worktops, why not get in touch today and ask for a price quotation.

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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Granite Worktops Croydon – Price & Installation!


Find the best price on Granite worktops in Croydon at SurfaceCo. There are numerous worktop materials offered in the market today. Our customers find it intimidating deciding between the numerous worktop materials available. Granite and quartz are clearly the top alternatives and have been the material of choice for home owners because of different factors.

Granite is an igneous rock that was formed thousands of years ago after liquefied volcanic stones cool down under extreme pressure. It is described as the hardest natural forming material and it is conveniently matched with its task as a kitchen area worktop. Granite worktops are loved for their sturdiness. They are very difficult to scrape or chip. This notwithstanding, granite handles heat impressively. This implies that hot skillets can be put straight into the granite worktops.

In addition to the granite being practical when used in an active cooking setting, granite also looks naturally immaculate.

  • The colour and pattern of each piece of granite varies by the geographical area. Every quarry has a unique looking granite with unique qualities. Some quarries will produce low quality granite while other quarries located at a different location will produce high quality granite.

As a prospective buyer of a granite worktop, you must possess the ability to locate the granite that suits your specific need. If you are not sure of how to do this, you should not be worried. Our business exists because of people like you.

Another reason that will make you want granite to adorn your kitchen is the flexibility.

  • Granite is not only aesthetically appealing for contemporary kitchen designs (its streamlined surface and clean lines have been proven great with minimalist design elements) but it is practical when used in the kitchen, office reception, fireplaces and bar tops.

Regardless of the design of your worktop area, area, granite will certainly add a touch of class and luxury to the area.

Price & Installation Of Granite Worktops in Croydon

If you are looking for new worktops in and around Croydon, we cannot overlook the fact that granite is costly. Yet in this very instance, the aged saying that ‘you get what you pay for comes into play. When properly installed and taken care of, granite surfaces last forever. Installing a granite countertop is an investment that should be seen as enhancing the market value of your home/house.

There are several factors that affect the pricing of granite slabs. Some of the most common reasons are quality, transport and installation and the dealer.

At SurfaceCo, you get to enjoy the most competitive prices without compromising on the quality of the stone and installation.

  • On average, the cost is between £60 and £440 per square metre. This however is not a fixed price and depends by the complexity of your project and more .

At SurfaceCo, we are not limited to kitchens alone. We sell and install granite slabs for commercial spaces like bars and restaurants. We pride our long line of engaging loyal customers since we believe in exceeding customer expectations without the customers breaking their banks. Our confidence in delivering quality services for less is not just words spoken in thin air; we walk the talk. Feel free to contact us at any time, and we promise to not leave you disappointed.

SURFACECO Unit 7A, Nimrod Industrial Estate Nimrod Way Berkshire RG2 0EB
Telephone: 0800 050 2579 (Freephone) 0333 322 0204 (Mobile)
E-mail: Info@surfaceco.uk
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Granite Worktops Slough – Price & Installation!

Granite Worktops Slough

Looking for high quality Granite Worktops in Slough? Granite is perhaps the most beautiful and elegant stone that you can bless your kitchen with. Granite is a natural stone that is mined from the earth’s crust and transported to a cutting facility where they are cut into smaller practical slabs. The small slabs are then polished ready to adorn your home or commercial worktops.

Granite is famously known for its natural beauty. Besides it being aesthetically appealing, granite will bring your property value up by the same amount or more.

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The Difference Between Marble and Quartz Countertops

The Difference Between Marble and Quartz Worktops

Marble and Quartz are all appealing and functional materials for any kitchen and bathroom countertops. They are loved by most home owners since they are durable and add beauty and value to homes. Marble countertops are made entirely from natural stone whereas quartz countertops have partial additives. Both materials have their own unique flecks, grains, veins and colour variations. As much as they share a lot in common, they are unique in their own ways.

Colorful Quartz

Quartz has most of the qualities that are in granite but it is only 90% natural. the 10% is made of resin and dyes to give them the unique colours and pigmentation. Without the natural colours, quartz is somehow dull and unappealing. All the same, the composition of quartz is uniform and hence doesn’t have many natural flecks, grains and veins when compared to marble.

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