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Marble Worktops Essex – Price & Installation!

EXS0 is a leading supplier of kitchen marble worktops in Essex. Marble is perhaps the best known and most apprised metamorphic rock. It is appearance is characterised by veins and bold colours given the fact that it was formed by a metamorphic process. Pure marble consist of mineral calcite is normally white in colour.

When impurities in the material composition come into play, marble gets a veiny, patchy and patterned look. The colour spectrum created by thee impurities in the material composition is wide and ranges from green, black and brown shades to grey and pink.

Marble has been used in world renowned structures and sculptures. Famous sculptor, Michelangelo used Italian marble for creating most of his famous sculptures.

The major market for marble is people who love pure white natural stone. There are not many natural alternatives besides marble. In fact, quartz engineers try to mimic the natural look of marble in some off their quartz slabs. As earlier mentioned, white marble is more often than not pure.

Besides its elegant looks, this material is hardy and lasts for decades. When installed as your worktop of choice, it will give you a classical and timeless choice for marble kitchen worktops. Even as it ages, it still maintains its allure and rich classical appearance.

When used as a kitchen worktop, marble needs more care and caution than quartz and granite. This is so because it is softer and more porous than both quartz and granite meaning that it scratches and stains more readily. All the same, it is darling for skilled bakers since it is naturally cool making it ideal for preparing dough and pastry during baking.

Marble Worktops In Essex – Price & Installation

Marble is a natural occurring commodity that is extracted from the earth crust in a manner that is similar to gold. This means that each quarry of marble produces marble slabs that are slightly different in terms of chemical composition and general appearance. In fact, it is believed that there are over 1000 different kinds of marble.

And since marble is a material that is used to aesthetically enhance a house, office etc. the looks fundamentally affect its price. There is no price transparency.   Keep in mind that the main factors that affect the market price of marble are;

  • Consistency – One colour shade across a slab;
  • Quality of finish/polish;

The quality of the stone will be the main price determining factor. High end stone will little or no defects fetches higher price than blemished stone with some defects. In most cases, you can ignore the defects but in some rare cases, the defects will affect the structural integrity of the countertop.

Marble may be the most expensive counter top material you will get. As earlier explained, there are different grades of marble, but none of them come cheap. Some of the world’s renowned and most valued sculptures are marble. When you buy marble, you buy the rich luxury and lustrous beauty of marble. Marble countertops can range from £ 90 – 175 per square foot

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