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Arklam Worktops


An innovative large-format sintered stone solution that stands out for its strength, durability and design, Arklam has been created specifically for the most exclusive and demanding projects. Arklam Supersize comprises two product lines with a clear distinction according to their thickness and applications: Arklam Countertops 12mm and 20mm, aimed at the kitchen channel; and Arklam 3mm and 6mm, with many architecture and design possibilities. Here are some key points about Arklam:

  1. Material and Manufacturing: Arklam countertops are known for being super-resistant, reportedly 30% more durable than granite. This is due to the ultra-compaction process used during manufacturing.
  2. Applications: Arklam is versatile and can be used for creating and designing tables, furniture, or fireplaces, in addition to being a popular choice for kitchen countertops.
  3. Eco-Conscious Approach: As an eco-conscious company, Arklam focuses on sustainable practices, contributing positively to environmental conservation.
  4. Design and Aesthetics: Arklam offers a range of designs, including looks that mimic natural materials like marble, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional durability.

For more details and to view the full colour range, visit Arklam official website.