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Neolith Worktops


Neolith is a renowned company specializing in Sintered Stone, a versatile surface material that can be used both indoors and outdoors, including for facades, bathrooms, kitchens, and countertops. Here are some key aspects of Neolith:

  1. Material: Neolith Sintered Stone is engineered for durability and longevity. It is known for its low water absorption rates, high resistance to impact and abrasion, and excellent chemical resistance.
  2. Applications: Neolith is suitable for a wide range of applications, from interior to exterior spaces, including facades, furniture, kitchen worktops, and bathroom surfaces.
  3. Design and Aesthetics: Neolith offers a large variety of designs and colors, providing options that suit different styles and preferences. It is recognized for its aesthetically pleasing appearance while being extremely durable.
  4. Sustainability: Neolith is committed to environmentally friendly practices and sustainable production methods.

For more details and to view the full colour¬†range, visit Neolith’s official website