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Marble Worktops Surrey – Price & Installation!

Marble worktops surrey

If you hire Surfaceco to install marble worktops in Surrey for your home, you’ll be get more than just a new kitchen top. Marble is not as durable as its natural stone counterparts. It is more porous and prone to staining and scratches that all other natural stones. It is even more costly on average when installed. So why would a homeowner in Surrey still want to buy a marble countertop given all those disadvantages?

The following are the benefits of marble:

  1. Better design capabilities – Marble is softer to work with than other stones. For counter tops with fancy edges or extra fabrication perks, marble will give a better workability than most stones. You will love how easy it is to cut marble. Especially if you have cut granite before.
  2. Aesthetically appealing – this is perhaps the major selling point for marble. Marble is loved for its bright white colour that fits in barely any colour scheme. It will be next to impossible to find a stone that is as white and bright.
  3. Naturally cool – Marble countertop stay cool naturally and are not a big heat conductor making them ideal for baking and kneading
  4. Handles the heat – marble handles the heat quite impressively. All the same, it is not recommended to place a pot that comes directly from the stove on it just like in quartz or granite.
  5. Lasts fairly long – despite marble being a soft stone, it lasts. Although it is a porous material, it will serve fine. It ages gracefully and beautifully.

Marble Worktops In Surrey – Price & Installation

The price of a new marble worktop will depend on different factors. Some of the major factors affecting the price and cost of installation include;

  • Location of the marble – if you live close to a quarry, you will probably buy it directly from the quarry. However, if you don’t live near the quarry, you will have no option but to buy from a retailer. It is going to cost you more when you buy from a retailer. Also, you will want to consider the shipping and handling charges.
  • Quality of the marble – marble is mined directly from the earth’s crust meaning that the chemical composition of the marble will vary depending on the geographical location and depth of the marble. High end marble will be more expensive and more reliable.
  • Size of the marble – this is pretty much self—explanatory.

On average, the cost of a slab of marble is between £35 –  £175 per square foot.

We don’t normally recommend installing marble as a DIY project. But in case you want to install the marble worktop on a budget, you better do the installation by yourself. In order to get a rough estimate, measure your counter (both length and width) and the multiply the area by £70. This will give you an estimate of the price of a mid-range slab of marble.

Of course you will have to consider other factors to get the final price.

When you have your retailer install the marble for you, the price they quote will usually include:

  • Materials;
  • Installation;
  • Templating;
  • Sink cut-outs;
  • Holes for the faucets;
  • Stove cut-outs;

When you do the installation as a DIY, you will have to cater the cost for all that separately.

Value for the money

If you want to get the most for less, you will have to get a partner that understands the needs of the customer. You will want a company that offers you a guarantee on the materials and the installation.

In Surrey, there is only one such partner – Surfaceco. We are UK’s leading suppliers of natural stone slabs.  We are known for our exemplary customer service and high quality installations.

To get the lowest possible price on a new countertop you’re better off contacting us today.