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Marble Worktops In Slough – Price & Installation!

Marble worktops Slough

Get the best price for marble worktops in Slough at Several factors will determine your marble worktop price and installation. Marble is in demand because of endurance, design capabilities, natural beauty and affordability. One thing that makes marble unique is the fact that no two quarries produce marble that is similar to each other.

The uniqueness is brought about by the difference in material composition of the marble. Marble mainly comes from limestone. The difference concentration of calcium carbonate and the compression factor gives marble the different appearance and quality grade.

Marble Worktops In Slough – Price & Installation

Marble is a natural mineral that is mined from solid stone. Commercial marble is mostly available with a thickness of 20mm. It comes in two finishes; polished and honed. Honed finish is a dull matt finish. Besides the two finishes, it comes along with colour and grained version.

Our best quality marble worktops combine solid rock together with hardness and elegance to clearly demonstrate value and account for the best quality modern worktop.

Our marble is available in out of this world hues and grains sourced from around the world. Our choice of marble will afford a unique finish to your marble worktop project. Our team of expert is committed and trained to offer the best installation and design advice for customers who want to take this project as a DIY.

Generally, the difference in price is due to the difference in maintenance, sealing, looks, flexibility, resilience and durability. All of these factors accumulate to determine the marble worktop prices.

It is worth noting that the stone industry doesn’t have a universal kind of control to protect consumers from rogue dealers and fabricators. This leaves the market at the mercy of the different players. The quarries, the importers, the dealers can all add on an extravagant amount to their pricing. To protect yourself from being used as a guinea pig, you must choose a partner that you can trust.

If you are looking for marble worktops in Slough, SurfaceCo is among the few trusted marble providers available.

SurfaceCo has made the extra conscious step to be a transparent partner by offering our customers with an extensive range of materials and excellent after sale services that very few can match. Our prices we know are to be amongst the most competitive within the industry.

Our marble worktop price usually range between £100 and £380 per square metre. Depending on the complexity of installation, these prices may change at the discretion of the installer.

The stone itself is only one aspect of the kitchen worktop prices. Finishing, transportation and the fitting are the additional factors that can make stone worktops pricey items. All the same, you can get cheaper discounted marble at a cost below £100.

The enduring aesthetics of marble have been treasured throughout the millennia. Previously we didn’t have many companies that stocked marble worktops. Today, we have hundreds of dealers that stock marble. But not many of them can be trusted to deliver quality natural stone for an affordable price.

If you are looking to enjoy quality marble at an affordable price, you should contact us today at SurfaceCo.