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Marble Worktops In Reading – Price & Installation

Marble Worktops In Reading

Marble is a natural stone made from limestone after it is superheated to form its unique looking crystalline structure. The natural formation process gives marble 50 unique marble colour options and patterns that you can choose from. Marble countertops are classic and elegant.

Marbles is a good choice if you are looking to install a surface that will sustain you through the years. Marble worktops are naturally cool and pleasing when used in any workplace.

Marble is formed out of a calcium carbonate that gives it a chemical structure that reacts readily with acids causing etching on the surface. In this light, marble needs a little bit more maintenance than other stones in order to keep it pristine. All the same, they look better as they age giving them a classic and organic character.

Our marble slabs come in two main finishes:

  • honed;
  • polished finish.

The honed finished is achieved by sanding the surfaces to give it a soft, matte finish. Honed surfaces are superior to polished surfaces in that honed marble won’t show scratches as much as the polished surface. On the flip side, it is less dry and has bigger pores making it more susceptible to spills. It is highly recommended to seal the honed marble.

A polished marble finish means that it has smaller pores making it more immune to spills but more prone to etching. They are also more shiny and bright.

Marble Worktops In Reading – Price & Installation

Several years ago, marble was considered a worktop material for the wealthy. Marble was only found in luxurious homes, hotels, palaces and other high end establishments.

Today, marble is affordable given the increased availability and improved mining technology. Marble is abundant in the earth crust. All the same, some marble types are rare since they can only be found in specific quarries.

Just to be clear, not all marble is affordable. Carrara marble is among the cheapest marbles. It is largely imported from Italy. Carrar marble is cheap because of the dull colouring. Calcatta on the other hand is perhaps the most expensive marble because it is bright and has darker veins. The darker the veins, the more expensive the marble is.

We sell our marble from as low as £100 to as high as £380 per square metre. This costs includes installation and the cost of the slab. Our price depends on the specific type of marble, the complexity of the installation and to some extent the transportation cost.

To give value to our customers, we ensure that the marble is only installed by qualified persons. For homeowners who want to install their own marble, we give them free guidance and instructions in order to make their project a success.

We are among UK’s leading marble and natural stone suppliers. Reading is among our favourite market for natural marble. We have committed ourselves to supplying Reading home owners with high quality marble and professional installers.

If you are looking to upgrade your current worktop or install a new marble worktop, SurfaceCo are the right guys with the right tools at the right price.