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Quartz Worktops In Croydon – Price & Installation!

Quartz Worktops Croydon

Are you looking for quartz worktops in Croydon? Quartz worktops are an affordable and equally versatile alternative to natural stone worktops. This engineered material contains 93% natural minerals. The remaining 7% is a mixture of resins binders and colouring agents to give them the unique colours and consistency.

All the same, quartz still retains majority of the desired natural qualities and properties. In fact, it is similar to granite but not entirely identical. Quartz is mined as big blocks, then it is crashed and mixed with resins and colouring agents and then cut into slabs. Before being delivered to the end user or retailer, the quartz is polished ready for installation.

One clear advantage of quartz worktops is the uniform structure and expansive selection of colours and patterns that facilitate the designing of a personalised kitchen and home. Quartz can be made to mimic natural stones such as marble (we have pure white quartz but you can’t find pure white in granite) but with better physical attributes.

In additional to its looks, quartz exhibits desirable physical attributes. Since it is an engineered rock, quartz is a durable and hardwearing material. Quartz can take several hits without cracking. It is non porous and thus resistant to liquid spills and highly hygienic.

Unlike most natural stones, quartz last longer with minimal maintenance. When installed properly, quartz will only need regular cleaning to maintain its beauty and good qualities for decades. Fair use of the worktop will guarantee lifetime service.

Quartz is not entirely heat resistant and may suffer from thermal shock. Very hot objects can leave a trace on the surface since the resins in the material composition may melt under extreme heat.

Quartz Worktops In Croydon – Price & Installation

The biggest overhead cost factor that affects the final price of a new quartz worktop is the installation charges. Different dealers will charge different labour fees, and these fees may include the cost of removing the previous countertop (if any) in case of a refurbishment.

The installer provides thee quote based on the quantity of quartz material needed; the layout of the countertop; the stone finish; the fixtures and the amount of labour equivalent to the job done.

Additionally, some colours are more difficult to produce than others and thus the price of the quartz countertop will vary depending on the colour.

Most quartz manufacturers specialize in a set number of colours and shades for their countertops. If you want to get a different colour, you are forced to make a special request which can push the cost of the quartz significantly.

Quartz is normally sold in slabs (it ensures that the colour and grain of all your worktop surfaces match. However, you cost is calculated by the square foot area of your counter-top. This is the reason why it is often cheaper to have the seller install it for you.

Assuming that your worktop measured 50 square feet and the particular slab that could fit your worktop measured 54 square feet. If you decide to take the project as DIY, you will have to purchase the whole 54 square inch slab. However, if you have your dealer install it, you will be charged only for the 50 square inch used.

The price of quartz runs from approximately £45 – £70 per square foot when installed. Assuming an average worktop of 50 square feet, the price will be £2250 – £3500.

If you are looking for a stylish array of elegant quartz designs that will exceed your expectations, you will want to check out our Classic Quartz Stone catalogue.

We offer a wide range of worktop options ranging from kitchen and vanity units to bathrooms and bar counters at an affordable price and professional installation.