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10 Tips for Taking Care of Marble Worktops

Tips for Taking Care of Marble Worktops

Marble has lots of benefits and is an excellent choice for your home. It is a natural stone that looks stunningly beautiful. But like many other fitting around your home, marble can be damaged overtime after much wear and tear. How do you clean your Marble Worktops, fireplaces and vanities? To keep marble looking bright and shiny, here are simple tips for taking care of your marble that should be on your finger tips:

1. Clean marble stains as soon as possible.

Acidic spills are harmful for your marble. Stains such as wine, fruit juice, tomatoes and some soft drinks are harmful to your marble. After a spill, make sure to immediately bloat the acids. Wiping and rubbing the acid makes it worse. You can use a commercial marble stain remover if the stain persists.

2. Protect your marble to save yourself a lot of trouble.

Although marble handles heat decently, you will want to avoid placing hot objects on the marble. Use coasters in case you need to have anything hot on the marble. Another thing you will want to do is to use ceramic or stone containers rather than metallic containers to avoid rust stains.

3. Add a marble sealer and your marble may live longer.

Most natural stones don’t require a sealer. This is so especially because it was sealer during manufacturing or when it was installed. But since marble is very porous, and the sealer may lose its effect over time, it is advisable to use a sealer to protect the marble from staining and damage. A sealer isn’t bullet proof but it at least protects it from moisture a lot longer time than a surface that is not sealed. Some sealers need to be re-applied every year or two, others every fifteen to twenty years.

4. For everyday cleaning, keep it simple.

For daily cleaning, less is definitely more. Simply use a small cloth, microfiber, with warm, distilled water to clean marble countertops. This is mostly after contact with food and other day to day dirt. Always dry up your marble with a dry cloth since marble is prone to water spots. Remember to avoid vinegar and other acidic cleaners when cleaning marble.

5. Prepare the marble for polishing

Prepare the surface by removing all the dirt on it. Make sure you wipe all the grime, grease, waxes and stains with a commercial stone cleaner. This is very important to avoid forcing them deeper into the surface when polishing marble.

6. Make your marble shine.

The safest way to make your marble shine is to polish it with chamois on a damp surface. The chamois will polish as it dries up. In case you want it to let it shine more, you can use a commercial polish and dry with chamois.

7. Avoid marble etching

Marble is prone to marking because it has calcium carbonate makeup, which reacts with any acids. The acid eats away a tiny bit of the surface resulting in dull spots known as etches. Any splash of acid is going to leave a subtle mark.

8. Use only products that are designed to clean marble

Marble is very sensitive. Acidic compounds will harm the marble. There are numerous products that are used to clean marble. There are many marble cleaning products on the market… some are good, but many aren’t worth using even if they were free.

9. Wax is a double edged sword

Wax is often used on marble since it protects and polishes the marble. However, the wax will lead to discoloration, especially if the marble is white. To bring your marble to a shine, use commercial products.

10. You have to deal with the scratch menace

You will have to avoid getting your marble scratched at all costs. If you, can’t you will have to deal with them. If the scratch is slight, you can try fixing it yourself by using a coarse-grit sandpaper. If the scratch is deep, consult a professional, like Surfaceco UK team.

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5 Benefits You Should Know About Marble Countertops!

Marble Countertops Benefits

If you are planning on getting a new countertop for your kitchen or home, you will have a difficult time trying the different options. You will likely have a hard time choosing between these four: Marble, Quartz, Granite and laminates. While quartz and laminate are manufactured, granite and marble are cut from natural stone.

One countertop stands out: Marble. Marble is regarded as the Phantom of countertops. It is unmistakable elegant and it will without doubt give your house an extreme makeover. If you are thinking of installing a marble countertop, then you should know its pros and cons.
Formation of marble
Marble is a rock formed metamorphically. This means that it is first found in a sedimentary form such as limestone and dolomite. Then it is subjected to severe pressure and heat that cooks it up to become the beautiful stone it is. The change is brought about by the impurities found in the original limestone or dolomite rock. Under the severe heat and pressure, the materials crystallize. Since the stone contains carbonate, the purest form of the stone is pure white.

Easy to Find

Granite and quartz countertops don’t come easy. They are difficult to find and this may delay installation and increase the overhead costs. Marble on the other hand is quite easy to find. It is widely available and can be found readily in most stone yards and fabricators. This means that anytime you want marble, you will not have to wait days for it to be delivered. In fact, you can just walk into a yard and drive home with your marble slab, install it and enjoy a drink on it in the evening.

Marble Slabs as Countertops

Marble has been used as countertop for a long time now. Initially, it was first used to make stone carvings, but somehow finds its way to our kitchens and homes. According to popular home designers, marble can go well with both painted and unpainted counter tops and fittings. It has as many advantages as disadvantages when used as the countertop of choice in homes.

Benefits of Marble Counter Tops

1. Better design capabilities – if you need to have a worktop that will need more than usual fabrication, you might want to go with marble. If for instance your counter top design is not strictly rectangular, you may want to avoid the common stone slabs. Marble is softer to work with than other stones. For counter tops with fancy edges or extra fabrication perks, marble will give a better workability than most stones. You will love how easy it is to cut marble. Especially if you have cut granite before.

2. Aesthetically beautiful – this is perhaps the major selling point for marble. Marble is loved for its bright white colour that fits in barely any colour scheme. It will be next to impossible to find a stone that is as white and bright. Though we have white quartz, granite and soapstone, there’s none that is marble bright.

3. A notch higher in cool – well, how cool is kneading flour on a countertop without having to worry about it sticking on the worktop? If baking is your thing, you will love working with marble countertops! It stays cool naturally and is not a big heat conductor.

4. Handles the heat – marble handles the heat quite impressively. It can take all the heat in your kitchen just in case you need to drop a hot pan quickly. All the same, it is not recommended to place a pot that comes directly from the stove on it just like in quartz or granite.

5. Forever together – despite it being a soft stone, it lasts. Although it is a porous material, it will serve fine. But if you are looking for something dense, you may want to consider quartz as an alternative.

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Granite Worktop Fitting and Maintenance

Granite is an exceptionally thick, solid and appealing  stone, sourced from various zones far and wide. Most worktops supplied in Granite are washed and polished heavily. Granite is likewise somewhat permeable. These realities imply that some consideration and sound judgment ought to be utilized when using and looking after your new worktops. Despite the fact that Granite has been utilized effectively for kitchen and bathroom surfaces for a long time, there are a few updates about what you can anticipate from your worktops, and how you can administer to them:

After consideration of granite worktops

Heat – Granite Worktops will grow somewhat if extreme warmth is administered. Installers and fabricators ought to take into account direct extension where worktops adjoin dividers. Certain granites may stain – either incidentally or for all time – if adequate direct warmth is connected. You ought to abstain from setting hot pots or utensils straightforwardly at first glance. Granite can assimilate a lot of warmth vitality. In the event that you stand a hot cooking pot on the worktop, the surface will turn out to be exceptionally hot to the touch.

Scratches – Granite worktops are depicted as scratch-safe. The procedure of cleaning to a fantastic completion implies that the gleam surface may be checked if abused. Try not to cleave specifically at first glance – you may bring about scratches, and you will unquestionably harm your blade. Precious stone rings are known not stamps – jewels are harder than some other stone, and can regularly be disregarded as a wellspring of scratches. On conveyance and establishment, any surface scratch under 30mm long would be dismissed.

Chips and Pits – Granite worktops contain grains of minerals, which fluctuate in size, appropriation and shading. It is infrequently seen that little misfortunes of grains may show up in the cleaned surface. This is completely typical, and these little pits don’t hinder the quality or usefulness of the granite workop. Bigger misfortunes may be termed as chips, and these are regularly dismisses at the purpose of production. In spite of the quality of granite worktops it is conceivable to bring about chips by dropping substantial, sharp questions onto the surface. On the off chance that this happens we can give master fabricators and stonemasons who can survey and conceivably repair and prevent any harm.

Staining and Ring Marking – Ring imprints on your granite worktop can be made by hot dishes, teapots, espresso mugs, red wine, harsh cleaning chemicals, and by organic product. Likewise shockingly we have found that tonic water can bring about these imprints on your granite worktop, and in addition certain sustenances that have solid hues (beetroot, curry, and so on) which can continuously enter into the granite worktop, bringing on discolouration. In the event that you reuse, note that washed holders may at present have buildups (e.g. vinegar corrosive from pickle jugs, and so forth) which could influence the surface.

Surfaceco have done broad research and testing in the course of the most recent two years concerning why a percentage of the dark granite worktops can now and again ring stamp and have concoct an answer with which we now treat all our dark granite worktops before fitting.

The granite worktops we offer are free from dyes, yet they do have the surface hardness which helps cleaning and keeps up their sparkle. The cleaned surface serves to repulse numerous stains, yet we emphatically prescribe that clients treat their new  granite worktops promptly after fitting, and again every 6 months. Dishwasher soap is known to be full of harsh and compromisable chemicals for your granite worktop, thus we encourage clients not to stack wet earthenware straight from the dishwasher onto the worktop.

Plain granite worktop hues will regularly show up marks that a more textured granite surface would successfully camouflage, thus clients picking any of the Black range are particularly encouraged to treat and care for their granite worktops as indicated by this information.

Shading – The pictures we show on our site are liable to the shading propagation procedure of the photography, and to the shading execution of the viewer’s screen. We can send little granite tests through the post (for an ostensible charge to cover P&P), or we are pleased to visit you with a full scope of our examples. Granite worktops are a characteristic rock, framed by volcanic procedures over a huge number of years. The stone is removed, cut and machined, however is not generally falsely changed, so you will regularly discover extensive variety starting with one piece then onto the next. Where an undertaking requires more than one bit of a granite worktop, we attempt to guarantee that the different pieces fit together. However because of the unusual characteristics of the stone, the matching appearances of the granite worktops can never be ensured or guaranteed.

Starting Preparation – Once your granite worktops have been fitted, and you have been exhorted by your installer that once any joint sealants have securely cured, you ought to altogether clean the surface, treat your granite worktop with an Anti-Stain arrangement, and utilize the stone shine. The suggested items for this are contained inside of the Granite Worktop Care Kit offered as an alternative with all fitted worktops which we emphatically encourage you to utilize. For progressing consideration, clean with a gentle impartial cleanser or cleanser, wash with clean water and after that dry with a delicate clean fabric. Try not to utilize grating cleaning items or scouring cushions, as these will bring about smaller scale scratches, making the surface dull over the long haul. Roughly at regular intervals, contingent upon the measure of utilization, the worktops ought to be completely cleaned (as at establishment), and re-treated with the Anti-Stain arrangement.

Quality Granite worktops at 30mm thick is without a doubt solid, however in a worktop circumstance it is by and large just upheld at the front and back edge, and by the kitchen unit carcases. It is not intended to bolster the heaviness of a man, and regions, for example, joints and cut-outs are particularly obligated.

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Quartz vs Granite Worktops

Quartz vs Granite

You may be interested about what to pick concerning Granite versus Quartz Worktops, and which one is better. All things considered, we can reveal to you the contrasts between the them two.

Granite Worktops originate from quarries and are real “slabs”of stone cut from pieces of granite.

Quartz Worktops, then again, are a blend of pummeled quartz and an uncommon tar. At the proportion of 93% quartz and 7% tar. Which permits complete customisation of styles, hues and surfaces.

Preferences of Quartz Worktops

Quartz Worktops are just as, if not more tough than granite. With the added advantage of being anything but difficult to work with and cut for establishment.

Quartz Worktops, being a gem is none- permeable, dissimilar to granite Worktops, and will never should be fixed. This implies it will never must be fixed or be dealt with. Likewise, being none permeable guarantees the surfaces are antibacterial, stain safe, and waterproof.

One downside of certain quartz worktop makers is the sap. Most suppliers and merchants in the UK utilize low-quality tars. The issue with utilizing shoddy pitches is that the worktops can start to stain over the long run, when in contact with UV light. We guarantee all our worktops and quartz are blended with the most elevated quality, none debasing saps.

Quartz worktops, being heavier and denser than granite because of its none-permeable state, are heavier that granite worktops. Which implies that they will should be professionally fitted and introduced.

Utilizing quartz as a part of our worktops permits complete quality and customisability with hues. Accordingly will mix in well with any kitchen. Though granite worktops, offer restricted customisability. They are cut specifically from the source.

Favorable circumstances of Granite Worktops

Granite worktops offer almost no qualification in the middle of plans and styles. Most granite worktops will look very much alike.

Granite worktops are generally high support for a worktop. Dissimilar to quartz worktops, they are permeable, accordingly obliging yearly fixing to manage stain and bacterial resistance. This is vital. In the event that the seal is even somewhat harmed, you will trade off the whole worktop surface and it will recolor effortlessly.

Granite worktops are very safe. On the other hand, being a “chunk” of stone makes it sporadically powerless against breaking and chipping. Quartz worktops then again, if blended with an amazing gum, will be substantially more impervious to these sorts of harm.

Albeit not as overwhelming as quartz worktops, being more delicate, they will oblige proficient fitting.

Granite worktops will show creases. The normal consistency of the stone makes it difficult to shroud establishment creases, conceivably ruining the “common” tasteful.

Tests you are demonstrated can never completely speak to the counter you get. The stones are regular and will contrast in appearance.

Granite worktops are somewhat radioactive and produces Radon gas. Albeit not especially dangerous, this may be off putting for some.

Cost Comparison

Granite worktops are more costly than quartz worktops. They are more costly to deliver. With the yearly support costs, the figures can go significantly higher.

With granite worktops, you’ll likewise need to contemplate the thickness of the cut. The more slender it is, the less sturdy the cut will be.

Which Looks Better?

Quartz worktops, because of the immense measure of customisability, will permit you to have an individual touch to your outlines. It is likewise simple to imitate different characteristic stones tastefully; including marble and granite, furthermore some “fascinating” hues. Quartz worktops can possibly fit in any home, paying little respect to enhancement.

Granite worktops can come in a few shades of chestnut and dark. Being balanced hues, they can stylishly suit numerous kitchens, which is the reason it is exceptionally mainstream. Be that as it may, you are limited to designs.

If not looked after accurately, granite can likewise start to stain. You should yearly have it fixed.

Ecological concerns

Quartz worktops are amazingly naturally cordial. Quartz worktops are to a great degree maintainable and can be created with next to no natural effect.

Granite worktops must be created in vast quarries, furthermore be sliced and transported prompting possibly tremendous natural harm.

Our quartz worktops are sourced in Europe, so transportation, and creation are greatly green and have an amazingly little carbon foot shaped impression.

As far as the home environment, quartz worktops are exceptionally sheltered and antibacterial. Granite worktops can deliver little measures of a radioactive gas called Radon.

Both worktops are amazingly enduring. They can possibly endure forever (Granite worktops, just when kept up effectively and quartz worktops when blended with the most elevated quality gums).

The decision

Quartz Worktops

Sturdy and simpler to cut.

Low upkeep.

Stain safe, heat safe, water safe, microbe safe and scratch safe.

Can tarnish if blended with low quality resins.

Substantial and obliges proficient fitting.

More mixed bag of styles and hues in this manner will suit more kitchens.

Less expensive than granite.

Earth amicable.

Granite Worktops

Less mixed bag however cut from genuine stone.

Obliges yearly support to guarantee stain resistance.

Not so much adaptable but rather more delicate contrasted with quartz.

Tests will contrast impressively contrasted with the item you get.

Can deliver radioactive gasses.

More lavish than quartz.

Bigger carbon foot shaped impression because of transportation and creation systems.

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Kitchen with granite island and cherry wood cabinetry

Granite Worktops in Reading

Are you planning to renovate your house? There many companies are available in the market place which provide a wide range of marble, granite and other stone tilling services. After an extensive search over the web, you will find a reliable company which offers a wide range of stone and tiling services at an affordable cost. Whenever, you are hiring a company, cross check their work experience and reliability, we offer Granite Worktops in Reading and many other locations around Greater London and Berkshire.

These types of companies have enough experienced tilling service that is done big projects. The professionals are focused on public services and enabled to deliver standard tilling services. Moreover, they are offering quote according to your needs or requirements. The experts also visit the place to evaluate the job.

To get instant quote, you can contact them via phone call. They are enabled to provide wide range stone services including granite, quartz, marbel, porcelain and many other. For all your requirements including exterior, interior, walls, floors, contact with these companies experts when you are selecting or ordering your product. Apparently, these companies also provide tile fitting services.
They are happy to visit the client’s premises and offer you competitive as well as accurate quotations for important work to finish installation. With them, you have added support that their tile fitters are familiar with the products. They can handle the ordering, delivery as well as installation effectively.

Looking for granite worktops in Luton, contact these companies at once. Let them hard work for installing floor and wall tiling. Their comprehensive tile fitting services are available for each client. You will get highly versatile solution for advance living and they impart a sense of space in enclosed regions. They also provide highly practical solution for those with physical disabilities for regular day to day routine.

The companies provide a complete kitchen worktops service that incorporates all concept of the design, installation and supply. Their full range of tiles as well as fittings really does mean that can help you create a bespoke wet room design to match your demands. They have various tilling options, that include underfloor heating, non-slip flooring as well as easy to clean surfaces.
With the help of these services, you can give a desirable look to your place. You will get these type of services at an affordable cost. These companies offering a range of service including:

* Supply and installation
* Custom cut and design
* Five star tilling services
* Stone worktops

They have been supplying the highest quality and cheap price. All products are fully certified from higher authorities. You will discover maximum satisfaction from the companies’ services. They also provide high-end customer service. To know more about them, you can visit their website at an affordable cost.

Get an Online Quote Today

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Install Granite Worktops in Surrey

Kitchen is one of the most significant parts of your home. Every housewife desires to have a contemporary and elegant kitchen. In order to beautify the appearance of your kitchen, you have several options available to select from. Different types of natural stones are available in the market that are used to enhance the beauty of the residential and commercial buildings. Among various natural stones, Granite is one of the most beautiful and natural stones. It comes in several colors, designs and pattern. Each design is unique, attractive and unique.

By installing granite worktops, you can easily add an elegant touch to your living space. It also helps to increase the value of the property. You can not only install granite counter tops in your kitchen, but also in your bathroom. It enhances the appearance of kitchen and bathroom and keeps your kitchen and bathroom well-organized. In the recent times, a majority of people install such stones in their living space to add modern touch in an elegant manner. If you are willing to install granite worktops in your living space, then you can contact a profession service provider.

There are many companies available in the market that specialize in offering granite worktops installation services at affordable rates. They provide professional assistance in order to meet your needs in terms of color, designs and pattern of such stones. By taking the help of the internet, you can easily find out the reputable service provider, offering excellent installation services in your region. One of the most renowned and trusted service providers specializes in offering excellent installation of granite worktops in surrey. They have many years of experience in this industry.

They specialize in supplying and installing tiles for both commercial and residential clients. They have a broad collection of Absolute Black, Angola Blue, Black Pearl, Black_Galaxy, Crema Julia, Bon Accord, Emerald Pearl, Goldern Glory, Labrador Antique, and so on. You can select any of them as per your taste and preference. If you are looking for a professional company that can install kitchen granite worktops in surrey, then you can end your search with them. They offer a complete tilling service if you desire to renovate your home. They cater to all your home renovation and space needs.

They have a team of experienced tilling specialists in Reading who specialize in handling several types of installation projects. They are committed to deliver the highest standard tilling service. The best thing is that they offer such services at extremely competitive rates. You can call them anytime to know more about types of tiles granite/marble/quartz/porcelain offered by them. To get more information, please refer to their website. Feel free to visit their website and call them.

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Modify The Whole Look Of Your Kitchen With Stylish Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktop holds a crucial place in any kitchen. The worktop not just add value in the kitchen, but also provides support in essential needs. If you are also looking to give your cooking area a trendy look and enhance its functionality to serve your needs enough, you can choose the best worktop available in an array of specifications in the market.

By installing stylish worktop in your cooking area, you can create a big difference in your kitchen décor even in the planned budget. Since, everyone almost giving a distinctive look to their premises and new establishments are also growing at rapid rates, the demand of the high quality worktop is increasing.

Keeping in the mind the growing demand of the market and different needs of clients, manufacturers today, providing range in different textures and surface finishes. If you are looking stylish and affordable Kitchen Worktops In Surrey, you can find the best company with the help of the internet that can provide a great deal. You can also contact with the company that provides a great deal for the trendy worktops as well as rendering comprehensive support for the slab installation. If you get overwhelmed while choosing an appropriate slab for cooking area among the numerous textures, materials and colors available, your professional partner also assists you in making the best buying decisions as well.

Since, they are expert in the domain, best counter top ideas and products are also provided by them. If you are looking for the counter top that is resistant to fire and surface are being not damaged from any cooking activity, you can also buy modern counter top made of Granite In Surrey. A good and experienced company provides several alternative and suggestions to help you make your selection easier. For complete assistance and solution, you can contact with the company that provides A to Z service.

Whether you need counter top and its installation work in residential or commercial premise, an experienced and credible company is able to meet your needs. They can supply and install the best product under your budget. The professionals work behind the company are highly trained and skilled to meet the modern kitchen needs. Support, if required, for the custom cut and design are also provided by them. When you partner with an experienced company, you can rest assured to receive the 100% satisfaction. On time work and personalized assistance also benefit you in numerous ways.

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