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Marble Worktops In London – Price & Installation!

Marble worktops London

Looking for quality marble worktops in London? Marble is a rock formed through a metamorphic process. Marble is used to refer to both foliated and non-foliated rocks composed of recrystallized carbonate materials like calcite and dolomite. Marble is mined in huge blocks weighing hundreds of kilograms that are later cut and polished to be used in different worktop areas around the home and office space.

Marble is loved not only because of its clean and bright look but because of its timelessness and elegant look. Marble will surely add an element of fanciness to a kitchen or reception desk. We have found it to be stunning in houses with an open dining room.

Marble’s natural colour is something that you will love. The variability of the colour is something that can only be matched by very few countertop materials. Does the colour variability cut the deal?

Marble worktop pros:

  • Beauty – Unrivalled, timeless, Classic beauty, with a white brightness not available in other natural stone.
  • Cool Temperature – Naturally cool. Best for making pastry and kneading.
  • Cost – marble is one of the most affordable stones despite some of them being very expensive. Generally, marble is affordable.
  • Widely available – Unlike some quartzes and the hard-to-find quartzite, marble is available from nearly any stone fabricator or stone yard.

Marble Worktops In London – Price & Installation

Despite its classic and expensive looks, marble is still one of the less expensive choices of natural stone worktops. Depending on the quality and type of marble, it may be more affordable than most types of granite and quartz. All the same, it will be more expensive than laminate and butcher.

The price of marble is dependent on the following factors:

  1. The type of marble – since it is a mineral, the material content of the marble will influence its quality. A pure marble slab will have the all-white look. The different shades of marble come as a result of impurities.
  2. Dealer and installer – different dealers have different prices for their marbles depending on where they sourced them and the profit margin they are trying to achieve. For the best prices in London, you should source your marble worktops from SurfaceCo.
  3. Transportation and installation – the cost of transportation is directly proportion to the distance. The cost of installation depends on the complexity of the design. Worktops with numerous corners and seams will attract a lot of manual labour.

NB: if you are going to install the marble worktop by yourself, ensure that you have a professional do the cutting and sealing for you. Marble is a very delicate stone that needs professional cutting to prevent it from chipping and cracking. Second, it is porous and thus needs to be sealed to prevent it from spills.

A spot check on marble prizes across London revealed that retailers are selling marble between £ 900 – £ 1100.

At SurfaceCo, we offer an all rounded and comprehensive approach in supply, fabrication and installation of marble and other natural stone surfaces to both consumer and contract markets around London and across UK in general.

We stock hundreds of tons of marble in stock to enable us to meet our production turnaround time (shortest you will find around).

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