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Marble Worktops Croydon – Price & Installation!

Marble worktops Croydon

Given the wide variation in colour and design patterns, marble is the perfect option for any homeowner looking for style, luxury and sophistication. Marble adds elegance and value to any home. A home with marble worktops paints a picture of owners who are sophisticated, classic and stylish.

Marble is a natural stone that is formed through a metamorphic process. Due to its formation process, marble is not as hard wearing as other natural stones (quartz and granite) and thus it is susceptible to staining and scratching. This is the major downside of marble.

Marble has for long been used in bathrooms and flooring but given its beauty and classic looks, marble is today being used in many kitchen worktops. As a kitchen worktop, marble blends in perfectly with natural colours for cabinets and fixtures.

Details Of Marble Worktops In Croydon

The key to a long lasting marble worktop is the installation. Marble is a very delicate stone that needs proper care for it to stay looking new. Proper installation of marble calls for professional installers to do the installation.

The most important marble worktop installation processes are; cutting and sealing. The two process however need skills and special tools to accomplish. Marble is sold as slabs.

When you want to install a marble worktop, you will need to prepare a detailed template of your worktop and bring it to the dealership. The template must include all measurements and single out sinks and any other fixtures.

Sealing, on the other hand, is the process of installing a security wrap over the marble to boost its qualities. A properly sealed marble worktop will not be susceptible to staining and scratching. Our marble slabs will be sealed from the dealership, but you should re-seal them every now and then based on usage.

To save you all the hustle of taking measurements and worrying about creating a template, we offer professional installation services.

Our team of professional installers in Croydon will handle every installation process including taking measurements and cutting the slabs. All you will have to worry about is choosing the right colour and pattern of marble worktop.

The price of a marble worktop in Croydon varies depending on the following factors;

  1. Choice of marble slab – some marble slabs are more expensive than others. The rule of the thumb is; the rare the type of marble the more expensive it is. Another rule of the thumb is; the higher the quality the more expensive the marble slab is in Croydon.
  2. The complexity of the marble countertop design – some design have too many corners which require a lot of cutting and joining seams. This make the installation of the marble worktop difficult and thus expensive.

On average, the price of marble worktops in Croydon ranges from £ 35 – 175 per square foot. When you give it careful consideration, you will find that having our professionals install your marble worktop is the most viable option.

SUrfaceCo considered as one of the leading natural stone fabricators in Croydon and the UK in general. We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive service in the supply and installation of marble countertops in Croydon.

We have committed ourselves to giving our customers the most competitive prices in town.

If you are searching for a partner to do your marble worktop, give us a call today. We are the best in the industry.