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Quartz Worktops In Surrey – Price & Installation!

Quartz Worktops In Surrey

Are you in need of a new worktop – quartz worktops in Surrey? We will make your dream come true. We supply and install worktops, vanity tops, sinks, taps etc. at the best prices in Surrey.

One of the popular stone worktops we supply is quartz. Quartz is an engineered stone that is made from between 90-93% ground quartz and 7-10% polymers, resins, and colouring pigments. A roughly ground quartz produces a flecked appearance while a smoothly ground quartz produces a smooth look. The added resins and polymers can alter the colours of quartz to give it almost any colour that is desired.

Quartz Details

The stunning beauty is not the only thing that makes quartz attractive:

  • Quartz is extremely hard and durable. Once installed, it will surely outlive your home. Quartz doesn’t chip, scratch or etch as easy as most natural stones. It is very sturdy to be used in commercial establishments and homes.
  • The material is non-porous meaning that it doesn’t absorb liquids. This implies that quartz worktops are easy to clean with ordinary home detergents and soft cloth. Being non-porous also means that it is bacterial free too.
  • Little to no maintenance. Once installed, the worktop can go for decades without the need of sealing or replacement.
  • All colours available. Being an engineered stone, quartz can be engineered to resemble any natural stone and take any colour imaginable.

Quartz Worktops In Surrey – Price Details

The price of installing a quartz worktop will vary depending on various factors. The pattern, brand, size and installer are some of these factors that may cause the price to vary. In Surrey, we sell quartz at an average of £45 per square foot of installed worktop.

Some of the factors that determine the price of a quartz worktop are:

  • Design complexity – some worktop designs are complex and require more manpower and material to realize.
  • Size of the worktop – This should come without saying, the bigger the worktop the more expensive it will be.
  • The type of quartz worktop – they are so many brands of quartz worktops and each of the brands have their own unique price tag for one reason or another.

We have created a smart online price calculator to help in your budgeting and planning process. To use our online calculator, you will need to have the design and measurements in place. The online price calculator will also help to give you design ideas in case you don’t have a design already.

For the perfect job and the fairest prices in Surrey, you will need to have a dealer who understands the market and who values customers.

We recommend that you use our countertop construction specialist, who can help you much more safely and economically. We have the best deals for quartz worktops in Surrey.