Commercial Projects

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Commercial Projects

At SURFACECO we offer commercial solid surface countertops which can be chosen and tailored to have the unique and distinguished qualities for your commercial business. Solid surfaces are a high-end product that conveys luxury to your business clientele and customers. It is known for its timeless quality, it has distinctive patterns and colours, which make it an attractive option for businesses looking to give strong first impressions. Get now a free online quote!


Our Commitment to You

We install solid countertops for home and office in kitchens, bathrooms, bar and outdoor entertainment areas all over the UK. We have a full commercial division that we can expand to meet any project size and specialist requirements. We pride ourselves on offering the greatest selection and highest quality materials at the lowest installed price.

Perfect for Modern Construction

Designers and contractors choose solid surfaces for their durability, strength, lasting beauty, and resistance to fire. Stone surfaces complement classic and contemporary architecture, and are a perfect choice for new build and renovation projects, when looking for an elegant addition to increase the value and attractiveness of a property.

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