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Why Marble Stone is Best for Wet Rooms and Vanity Units

marble wet rooms

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that some of the world’s most luxurious bathrooms all tend to have one thing in common – there is marble stone there in some way.

There are a few reasons for this, and if you are looking to install a new wet room or vanity unit into your house, here is why you should probably look towards marble stone.

There are two types – polished and honed. Polished is shiny and sleek, catching the eye and reflecting the light; toned is more toned down, quite sophisticated. Of course, marble creates the illusion of a large room, so if your bathroom is small, marble in a light shade could do wonders for its appearance. There is also the light reflection side of things, which again makes the room looks bigger than it really is.

This aside, check out these other reasons:

No slippery floor problems

Marble is porous and that means it absorbs water quickly. For this reason, you’re not going to have slippery floors, which is not something you want from a wet room or vanity unit environment. The floor/unit will then immediately feel clean and dry, without you needing to clean or mop afterwards.

Lots of colour choices available

You might just be automatically thinking about white, but you have other options available to you also. If you want to go for something a little more muted, go for a grey, coffee brown, or even black, but if you do want to go for something truly classic, it has to be white. Easy slab is also individual, with lines running through (veins), which are never replicated exactly in another slab.

Easy to clean

You need a wet room or vanity unit to be very easy to clean, otherwise you are going to give yourself a mountain to climb. Because the stone is porous, we mentioned that water will be absorbed quite quickly, and that means you simply have to clean up any messes which remain afterwards. Of course, we know that marble isn’t stain resistant, so always mop up any potential staining material immediately.

Easy maintenance

Whilst you are going to have to maintain your marble stone regularly, it is not going to take too much trouble or time. Again, always mop up any spillages immediately, and you could consider using a sealing spray on a regular basis, just to keep your stone looking as fantastic as when it was first installed. You will need to seal your surface perhaps on a yearly basis, but this is not a high cost process, and something you can arrange quite easily, or perhaps do yourself.

As you can see, there are many reasons why marble stone is the stone of choice for wet rooms and vanity units. Aside from the fantastic appearance, there are many other advantages, such as the quick drying element, cutting out the changes of an accident due to slippage.

You might have been put off marble in the past because people told you it was easy to break and fragile, but if you buy a quality product, this is just not the case. Take your time shopping around and make sure you get the highest quality for your cash – this means your marble will last you much longer as a result.