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Why Marble is Best for Bathroom Vanity Tops?

bathroom vanity tops

Throughout the ages, marble has been intensely used by master craftsmen to decorate palace walls, floors and ceilings. Having a marble countertop inspired a wealthy and powerful character to the owner, even if nowadays this kind of material is used in everyday houses all over the world.

The color range for marble bathroom vanity tops is almost limitless, since these products are man-made. Here are some examples and types that are currently in the top of the market:

  • Nutmeg Solid Surface Integral Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Top
  • Ariston Natural Marble Undermount Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Top
  • White Cultured Marble Integral Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Top
  • Dune Solid Surface Integral Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Top
  • US Marble Steel Grey On White Cultured Marble Undermount Single Sink

Benefits of Using Marble for Vanity Tops

We must thank technology for its improvements on the methodology of treating marble. This hard crystalline form of limestone is often decorated with grey veining and many colors can be created in order to fulfill each customer desires.

Having a strong texture makes this countertop to be highly resistant to chips or dents and the fact that the atom bound inside of it is strong, creates a property of not letting liquid spills like oil, water, wine or vinegar, to penetrate into its form and leaving stains.

Take into consideration that if you are planning to use marble countertops for designing your bathroom, expect that the room, where you wash yourself and where do you brush your teeth, to be one of the most beautiful one in the entire house. Marble has this unique property of being a natural stone and as a result, the colorful motifs inspired by furnishing your walls, floor and tabletops with it to be very gorgeous.

Beatuty Comes for a Price

Even thought marble’s countertop beauty is highly debated, the price is keeping the highest standard, like years ago. One piece of countertop of this highly loved material can get up to $900 per square foot, installed. Quite a price, right?

 Well, speaking of which! This high price is set mostly for the high composition rate that the natural stone takes in the compound of the final product, but also for the easiness of keeping your house clean and for the resistance to germs and bacteria.

Most of the top producers, to encourage you to buy their product, sell the marble vanity tops together with some special cleaning solutions that are able to sterilize and seal the entire surface. The special solutions are delivered depending on what type of surface you require:

  • Polished: matte look, resistant to staining, low heat resistance
  • Honed: porous look, absorbent with liquids, high heat resistance

Looking so good, it is almost impossible for marble countertops to have no issues. Even if this is considered by many a small and insignificant flaw, this countertop is very itchy. Certain cleaning products with high acidity level, lemon or even vinegar, reacts with the porous material, making it to etch.

Also, take care when using it in your bathrooms because the iron inside the natural rock stone can easily turn into rust, causing your freshly renewed bathroom to take a nasty turnaround.