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White Granite Worktops Pros & Cons

White Granite Worktops

More often than not, when we hear that someone is considering to have white décor or furniture within their home it fills us with a bit of dread. Most of us love the colour white as if offers such a beautiful look to any home, however many of us consider it as a danger colour to go for and would never dare choose it for fear of the upkeep. However, a white Granite worktop can add a touch of elegance of your home.
Is having white Granite really that big of a deal? Read on to find out as that is exactly what we are going to find out.

Pros of White Granite

First of all, white Granite is incredibly stylish and on trend. As it is a very popular decision, despite what we said above about many thinking of it as a danger colour, so you will be getting a very timeless piece to add to your home that will never come out of style. If you are one who loves keeping up with the best fashion trends then having a white Granite kitchen worktop would be perfect for you and your home.
White is also perfect when it comes to matching with any other colour or shade out there. So if you are someone who likes to change their décor or colour themes often, then a white kitchen worktop would be a great choice for you. Regardless of the colour theme that you currently have, you know that a white Granite worktop would go perfectly. Whether you have a light or darker shade, white will pair up stunningly well.

White is also great if you have a smaller kitchen, as white has the power to reflect light and bounce it around the room to give it the appearance of it being much bigger than it actually is. So if you have a tiny kitchen and want an easy way to make the space look bigger, having a white Granite worktop would be a great decision to make.
You can also be sure that if you decide to go for a white kitchen worktop that your kitchen will automatically offer a very fresh and clean appearance, far more than usual. We are not sure why, but white will always offer such a fresh and clean feeling with it and for that reason, white décor and furniture will always be stylish.
Our opening statement was that many people view white as a dangerous colour, however it is not really. Most people think this of white because they think it will show up a large amount of dirt and therefore require much more cleaning than any other colour or shade out there. However, what people forget is that black offers the exact same. Black and white may be complete opposites, but they require the same amount of cleaning as each other and yet black still remains an extremely popular colour. If you have ever had black décor within your home then you will know that it was not as bad as people may make it out to be, therefore you already know what to expect with a white worktop.

Cons of White Granite

Kitchens are usually one of the most used areas of the house and therefore have to cope with a lot of high traffic. As we mentioned before, white can often be harder to keep clean than most other colours out there.
As we mentioned before white has the power to make your kitchen look much bigger than what it actually is. While this can be such a great thing, it can also be a negative point. If you have a large kitchen then a white Granite kitchen worktop will then make your kitchen look too big, which is not what you necessarily want. If your kitchen is particularly big, then you may need to consider breaking up the white with some textures or other darker colours and shades to make sure that your kitchen has not been made to look too big. If you still want to go for a light and bright colour, you may perhaps want to consider an off white shade instead that offers the same benefits as white.