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Which Granite Colours Are Best For White Kitchen Cabinets?

White Kitchen Cabinets

When you are deciding which colour kitchen worktop to go for, in order to compliment your shiny white cabinets, you might be stuck with several options, and it could be a tough decision to narrow it down. If you need a little inspiration, and perhaps some advice, we are going to talk about the ideal colours to go with your white kitchen cabinets.

It’s worth mentioning here and now that faddy fashions are not the way to go when you are deciding on the colour of your kitchen countertop. Yes, the colour décor of your walls is probably going to change from time to time, and even your cabinets, as they can be painted, but your countertop needs to stand the test of time, not only in durability, but also in fashion terms too. Granite is a fantastic material to go for, a very hard-wearing choice, and one which will last you for a good few years to come, but getting the colour right is imperative.

These are some of the best colours to compliment your white kitchen cabinets.


Grey is a classic, natural colour, and one which is iconic when you think of granite. You can find a huge variety of different shades of grey granite on offer, from dark to light, and somewhere in the middle. The great thing about granite is that no one slab is the same as another, and that means you are not going to have the same shade as your neighbour! White goes fantastically well with grey, so you will have a very fashionable choice on your hands.


A classic black and white choice is always going to be a fashionable way to go, and monochrome is probably never going to go out of fashion. Black granite is timeless, and again you can get many different shades of black, from jet black, to a more subtle shade, which borders on dark grey. The other major advantage of black granite countertops to go with your white cabinets is that black does not show up stains or dirt as much as other shades, although we know that staining on granite isn’t easy to do anyway.


Neutral colours work perfectly with white and that means a calming and quiet décor for your kitchen. Choose between dark, medium, or light shades of beige, knowing that the veins and lines in your granite is going to be totally individual to any other slab you will see. Beige and white as your kitchen décor can be adapted to give it that ‘country cottage’ vibe, which is ever popular.


White on white is an ever popular choice of décor, and one that will remain timeless. The fact that you have an instantly gleaming and clean kitchen simply by choosing this décor is a major plus point, and you can easily see what needs cleaning, without harbouring germs and bacteria. Of course, it needs a fair bit of up keep to keep it gleaming, but that’s really a small price to pay for an ultra modern décor such as this.

Wood shades, e.g. pine

Finally we have a very classic shade, wood. Yes, wood comes in various different colours, but this means you can choose your shade. You can go for pine if you want a lighter shade, or you can go for mahogany if you want a darker shade. Granite is available in countless different colours and patterns, and wood shades are very popular, working alongside white kitchen cabinets.