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What Granite Countertop Looks Best With Wood Cabinets

wood cabinets

Obviously most cabinets in homes are made of wood, but there are many different types of wood and even more colours and stains for the wood. This means that there are many options for granite countertops to pair with your cabinets.

This article will look at some of the best combinations of granite countertops with wood cabinets.

Beige Granite – Beige granite has more dark colours in it than white granite, such as brown, grey, and black. This means that it can have a more classic look and feel to it. It goes very well with light and dark brown coloured wood. Beige granite and classic brown cabinets makes your kitchen in the styles of traditional, Victorian, and country.

White Granite White granite has many varieties to it, not just plain white. There are different styles, patterns and even colours that can be found in white granite. It goes extremely well if your kitchen has very dark cabinets, such as black or dark brown. The stark contrast in tones make the kitchen look very modern and sharp. White granite also makes any kitchen look bigger, more inviting, and obviously brighter!

Black Granite – Black granite is one of the most popular colours for home design. It is also the leading colour for a more modern kitchen design. As is commonly known, black goes with almost any colour so you can have your cabinets any way that you wish. However, going with a lighter colour, even white, will give your kitchen a very modern, contrasting look that will stand out in a crowd!

Brown Granite – Brown granite is another favourite amongst home designers and decorators because of its subtlety. Brown granite will go will any wood colouring of cabinets but it is better if it a different colour than the granite. Most people like to go with a brown granite with black and grey specs and pair it with a lighter brown cabinet. This will give your kitchen a warm, homey type feel to that is often referred to as country style or rustic style.

Other Tones of Granite – If you are looking for a more striking and exotic appearance in your kitchen you might consider other tones of granite such as red, green, or blue. This will give you a standout kitchen but you should be cautious when pairing it with your cabinets. If there is too much colour your kitchen will look confused and overwhelming. Using softer tones in your cabinets will give your kitchen the exotic look but keep it looking elegant as well.

Whether you are trying to match your granite countertop with your cabinets, or trying to match your cabinets with your granite countertop you should make sure you have all the best information to achieve the best pairing. Some colours and patterns go well together and some do not so make sure you research the colours, styles, patterns, and overall appearance that you want for your home. In the end, a great granite countertop and beautiful cabinets will make your kitchen the best room in your home!