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What Countertop Colors Look Best With White Cabinets?

white cabinets

White Cabinets have been popular among homeowners and designers for many years. The reason? Because white is the most versatile color to work with. These cabinets can be placed within kitchens which have modern, traditional or even farmhouse styles. All by changing a few choice accessories and the cabinet doors.

Not only is the color itself so versatile, but when it comes to pairing countertops – pairing options are limitless when designing your kitchen theme. As Donna Dow said, “You are only limited by your imagination.” And with white cabinets this is never more true.

While all of this is exciting, limitless style opportunities can become overwhelming for you. Especially when pairing a beautiful countertop with white cabinets. So here are a couple tips to help you decide which one is best for you.

First, decide on your overall color palette and design theme.

Try and focus on what you are looking for. Do you want something modern which focuses on a simple, streamline design with a few pops of color? Or perhaps you want a more traditional theme focusing on the furniture detail and color? And of course there is the farmhouse style which is rustic, homey and inviting, with warm, natural colors.

Once you have chosen the theme of your kitchen, then you can think of the countertop and its colors. With white cabinets there are two choices regarding colors, complimenting or contrasting.

For a complimenting countertop, colors are generally lighter and/or neutral. Light colors can have warm or cool shades. Choosing one depends upon the tone you want for your kitchen.

Yellows, such as the Cambria Quartz, can offer a warmer color overall. There are many other options in this color range which offer warm yellows to pale browns. Whereas white or gray’s such as Zodiaq Carrara are your lighter and more neutral colors. They will bring out the white in those cabinets a bit more.

For a contrasting countertop, colors range from dark browns to black. There are also many other dark, bold color options in between such as dark emeralds, purples, and blues. Again, consider the tone you want in your kitchen.

The single tone black of Cambria Edinborough brings hard edges and smooth lines to a clean, modern kitchen. Dark browns such as Cambria Aberdeen which also has orange, deep greens and dark grays – can bring some warmth into a kitchen. And neutral colors such as Corian Allspice can not only be contrasting but complimenting as well. There are some dark brown bases can turn lighter when placed on white cabinets. And those other contrasting colors can turn a drab kitchen into a stunning conversation piece.

Remember with white cabinets there is no wrong way to pair your countertop colors. Any color you choose, your white cabinets will shine.

Simply remember to always consider your overall design theme of your kitchen and color palate. This will help you narrow your choices and get you closer to finding the countertop that is right for you.