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What Colour Granite Worktops To Choose For Your Kitchen?

granite countertops colors

When choosing your countertop, you will be faced by numerous challenges including selecting a counter top material. If you have already settled for the right material to use, and in this this case granite, you will have to settle for the right colour and pattern to match your floors, walls, and fittings. It is overwhelming to see the different colours available when you are installing a new countertop or re-designing your current kitchen.

Different shades of the same colour can make a whole lot of difference. You can take chances while choosing a kitchen top colour since you will be stuck with it for quite a long time. This piece aims at helping you get it right the first time

Elegantly Dark Granite Countertops For The Kitchen

A dark kitchen countertop is best matched with lighter cabinets and walls to give you a classical look. Dark granites achieve the elegant look but it is best toned down to make it more welcoming.  Your choice to use dark granite should also be influenced by the room settings. Large room which are brightly lit by chandeliers, bulbs or natural light will do well with a dark countertop as compared to rooms which are dimly lit.

Dark kitchen countertops are subtle, elegant and provide a timeless look irrespective of the room. However, just like dark walls and wallpapers, dark countertop can bring a shrinking effect, limiting the eye and engulfing the space into a big shadow. Bring in a balance with your fittings, walls, and cabinets.

Welcoming Light Kitchen Granite Countertops

Light countertops are primarily used to provide a welcoming, rustic feel. Our interior design recommends white countertops if you have light-coloured tiles on your floor. Light kitchen countertops bring in the contemporary look most home owners water. To achieve this, using light granite countertops, you should consider having multi-coloured glass tiles.

Tips And Tricks

  • If you are going to install a granite countertop, you will want it to be the centrepiece. You don’t want it to blend anonymously. You will want the countertop to be complimented by surrounding fixtures and not the other way round.
  • It is cheaper and easier to change the walls and the cabinets than it is to change the counter top. If you are going to experiment with the appearance of the kitchen, you are better off installing the countertop first and playing with the fixtures and walls.
  • Granite is not your ordinary countertop. It craves for the perfect kind of lighting in order to bring out its elegance, allure and natural beauty. If your kitchen is not brightly lit, then you will want to have light colours such as white and beige. Dark colours such as black and mahogany look well in brightly lit kitchens.
  • Carry a sample colour of you fixtures and cabinet when going shopping for comparison purposes. Our interior designer consultant advises you to pick a countertop colour that is in contrast with your cabinet colour. In case you cannot carry samples, then ensure to take good pictures
  • Granite countertops are available in almost any colour. We have shades of blue, white, black, green, red, brown, gold, mahogany etc.