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What Are the Best Stone Kitchen Worktops?

Stone Kitchen Worktops

You are most probably here because you are considering which type of stone you should be using within your kitchen renovations. Quartz Stone, Granite and Marble are three of the most popular materials you could use within your home, let alone just for your kitchen worktops. All three offer different benefits and all have their selling points, however the decision you make will depend on which colours and shades you prefer as well as how the material will fit in with your lifestyle and use of kitchen worktops.
To help you along your way to deciding which stone is best for you and your lifestyle, we have provided a list of benefits from all three of the above mentioned stones. Don’t know whether to go for the practicality of Quartz, elegance of Marble or the stunning Granite? Then read on to find out what they all have to offer you.


When it comes to choosing Marble, you will be getting one amazingly distinctive stone for your kitchen worktops. This stone is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves the uniqueness of Marble because with every slab you never know what you will be getting as it offers a very un-uniformed appearance which adds great character to any home.
Marble offers a natural touch to your cooking preparations and is great for anyone who likes to bake because its natural warmth makes bread making and rolling dough far easier than any other stone. Due to its elegant appearance, it makes one great place for cooking and dining with friends and family.


Quartz Stone is a wonderful material for absolutely any home, as it has been man made you can get a look of most other natural stones such as Marble effecting. As it has been engineered it has a very consistent appearance which offers a very uniformed colour and pattern with every single slab that you just cannot get from other types of natural stone.
If you are an environmentally friendly type who enjoys sourcing materials that are sustainable, then Quartz is definitely the choice for you as it incorporates recycled materials and only contains a very small amount of resin as 93% of the slab is Natural Quartz.
As Quartz is a non-porous stone, it will never stain which further makes it perfect for kitchen worktops. Regardless of what you spill it will never hold onto any liquids which also makes it extremely hygienic as it will never harbour any spills. It is also a very strong stone and incredibly difficult to scratch, great for kitchens due to the use of sharp objects and items being placed down on top of the surface.
Quartz Stone is also great for anyone who is on a budget because as it is the most common mineral in the Earth’s crust, it is very cheap to purchase and will not require any long term costs due to never requiring any treatments such as sealing.


Granite is quite simply one of the most popular materials to use within home renovations, which means that you will be purchasing a stone that offers timeless beauty. Why is Granite perfect for kitchen worktops? Because it is one of the hardest materials on Earth which makes it great for high traffic areas, especially if you have children. Granite will never scratch under normal use as long as you take care and maintain it well and it is incredibly easy to keep clean and hygienic for food preparation areas.
One of the most searched terms when people are looking to buy a property is whether the house contains any Granite, which means that it will only add value onto the property if you ever sell it on, making it more of an investment piece.

We have such an extensive range of finishes available and over 30 Granite colours available within our store, so you can feel confident knowing that you have such a wide choice to choose from so you can be sure that you will love it for many years to come. There is no point in choosing a colour or pattern that you are not crazy about with Granite, whatever colour or pattern you want, we will have it.