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Top 5 Most Popular Granite Colours

Popular Granite Colours

Part and parcel of decorating is making sure that you are bang on trend, whilst also staying true to what you want your space to look like. It’s important to pick a colour scheme that is going to stand the test of time, and that is also going to go with other things, e.g. white goes with most things, black goes with everything etc.

When it comes to your kitchen worktop, or even your bathroom countertops, you need to give some serious thought to colour. Granite, we know, is a very durable and popular material to use, but it does come in countless shades and patterns. For that reason, you need to research trends, think about what you want, the size of your kitchen, and also look to the future a little and think about the changes you might want to make at some point.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are the five most popular granite colours on the market, perfect for both your bathroom and kitchen décor.


Endlessly classic, white makes your room look bigger and lighter, whilst also giving it a very clean appearance too. Yes, you are going to have to clean a little more, because white will show up the tiniest bit of mess, but you can choose between shades and different types of fleck too, which means your countertop will not be the same as anyone else’s. Remember that no one granite slab is the same as any other, because it is a naturally excavated stone from the earth.


Again, there are various different shades and types of beige, which means you can personalise your kitchen or bathroom worktop to fit in with the rest of your décor, present or in the future. The great thing about choosing beige is that it is a very flexible colour in terms of changing the rest of your room around, without having to change the colour of your worktop too. Beige basically goes with most things, whilst also being a classy and chic colour in its own right.


The great thing about choosing brown for your granite worktop is that it is not only a warming colour, perfect for larger rooms, but it is a futuristic colour too, because it goes with everything. A large space is made smaller with brown, and again, we mentioned it is warming, which is good for cutting down on an otherwise sterile appearance. You can find many different shades of brown on offer, from coffee/mocha colours, to dark mahogany hues.


Always popular, black never goes out of fashion. The monochrome look, paired with either black, cream, or silver, is a timeless classic, and this is a very clean looking choice of granite again, because it hides tiny marks which would otherwise be extremely visible in a lighter granite colour. Again, black granite comes in various different shades, from jet black, to a lighter, more subtle option.


Our final choice is timeless grey. Granite in grey is very popular, and you will find a large range of different types of grey to choose from. The shade you go for really depends on the rest of your décor, but paired with cream or white, grey looks fantastically fashionable. The flecks in the granite will show up really well in grey too, which looks modern.