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Top 10 Quartz Worktops Colours

Quartz Worktops Colours

Classic Quartz Stone is incredibly popular for kitchen worktops because it is a non-porous material, which makes it stain resistant and it is also heat and scratch resistant – perfect for food preparation areas like kitchens. It is also very easy to keep clean and maintain, with no upkeep costs such as sealants.
With Classic Quartz being one of our most popular materials for kitchen renovations, specifically with worktops, we have put together a list of our top 10 Classic Quartz Stone worktop colours.

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This is one of our ivory colours within the range which is perfect for those who are wanting a lighter colour without going for white. This colour has been finished with a light brown marble effect, perfect for those who want the marble appearance without the cost.


Verona is one of our brown colours within the Classic Quartz Stone range. Verona is light brown in colour with a white and darker brown pattern throughout.


Grey is such a popular colour at the moment and very on trend within homes, especially being paired with colours such as yellow. Serengeti is a dark grey colour with a black marble effect to finish it off.

San Vincente

San Vincente is one of our white colours within the range and has been finished off with a darker marble effect throughout.

Santa Brown

Another one of our brown colours is Santa Brown, the pattern and marks throughout this Classic Quartz Stone is so dark that is almost appears to be black.


For those who are wanting a brown but not wanting to go to dark, Palazzo may be for you. Palazzo is a lighter brown that has dark and medium browns throughout to create the marks and pattern.

Marbre Carrara

Another one of our white shades within the range is Marbre Carrara, which is a very popular choice. Marbre Carrara, as the name suggests, has been finished with a black marble effect.

Honey Onyx

As you will be able to tell by the name, it is almost golden in colour. The beige slab has been finished off with darker brown patterns and marks.


Yet another one of our beige colours within the Classic Quartz Stone range is Palmyra, once again, perfect for those who are looking for a lighter colour but not ready to go for white. Palmyra has been paired beautifully with white speckles throughout.


This colour may be beige but it is almost caramel in colour, much like the name suggests. Caramelo has a lighter beige, almost creamy coloured pattern throughout.