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Top 10 Quartz Lunastone Colours

Quartz Lunastone

When you decide on quartz for your new kitchen or bathroom worktop then you are making a very wise choice. Not only do you have plentiful options in front of you in terms of colour and pattern, but you are also going to get some major advantages in terms of durability and product lifespan.

Lunastone Quartz is a naturally occurring stone, it is mined from the earth and it is kept pretty much in its natural state when it arrives in your home. You can expect around 93% natural quartz content in your worktop, with the rest being resin to add the colour you’re looking for. All of this adds up to a very strong and very natural work surface, and you have a few other benefits too:

  • Quartz is stain resistant to a very large degree;
  • Quartz is scratch resistant, also to a large degree;
  • Quartz is non-porous, which means it doesn’t absorb liquids and it doesn’t harbour germs which could lurk in the food you make on the surface, causing illness;
  • Quartz is also the lowest maintenance natural stone, because after the initial installation, it doesn’t need anything else doing to it, other than the regular amount of cleaning you would do anyway.

Possibly the only downside of choosing quartz is that you have to choose your colour from a very large range, and that can be difficult!

Quartz Lunastone is one of the biggest producers of natural quartz work surfaces, and they have a huge range of options available to you in terms of colour, pattern, and finish. It’s always a good idea to check colours out in real-life, rather than simply relying on the internet picture you see online, because certain lights can change their appearance, e.g. natural light and artificial light. Obviously, you also need to pick a colour which is going to ‘go’ with everything else, and which will also stand up to redecorations, without having to change the work surface every time you want to paint.

To help you out in your colour choice, here are ten of the most popular quartz Lunastone natural quartz worktop colours.

  1. Artico – White is a fantastic shade to go for, and this one is certainly up there with the most popular. This is white, but it isn’t 100% white, which gives it more flexibility and warmth; there are flecks of cream which appear across the surface.
  1. Bianco Luminoso – This is another white/cream choice, but to give it a little extra dimension, you will find grey and white marks or flecks across it.
  1. Cappuccino – Who doesn’t love a cappuccino? This shade is as luxurious as the drink itself, with tiny dark brown flecks to give it extra warmth.
  1. Nero Matallo – Black is always going to be in fashion, and this particular shade is made more servicible and less harsh by the white and grey shades which run through it.
  1. Bianco Metallo – This isn’t white, even though the name might lead you to think that, but it is grey instead, with darker speckles across it.
  1. Blu Luminoso – Obviously this is a blue shade, but the silver speckles which run across it really make it shine.
  1. Grigio Matallo – If you want to try grey but you’re scared to go too dark, this mid-grey shade is ideal, with tiny white marks which lighten it up a little more.
  1. Rossi Luminoso – Want to go a little ‘out there’? Try this red shade, which has grey/black speckles to add depth and to make it a little more homely.
  1. Tempesta – Grey is really making waves in the decorating world, and this particular middle of the road shade has darker speckles within it, to add a deeper flavour.
  1. Sabbia – Finally, but certainly not least, we have a cream and beige combination, which adds warmth and class to your kitchen.

Which will you choose?