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Tips & Tricks to Clean Black Granite Worktops

Black Granite Worktops

Black Granite Worktops for Kitchen

Black granite is a very hard wearing and durable stone, but it is also one which requires maintenance and care, as with any type of stone you use for a worktop.

A kitchen worktop undergoes a lot of stress and strain during its life, from hot pans, impact, and spillages, and you need to give it some care and attention, in order to prolong its life and keep it looking wonderful for as long as it is supposed to. Put simply, if you look after your granite worktop, no matter what colour, it will stand the test of time, giving you a cost effective choice of material.

Okay, so you have a black granite worktop, and it looks ultra sleek and fantastic in your kitchen space. You could easily go for a monochrome style with this, or you could do something a little different, by pairing it with perhaps red or white – the choice there is yours.

How do you look after your black granite worktop?

Wipe up any spillages immediately

Granite isn’t going to suddenly explode or expand if you don’t immediately jump in and clean up a spillage, but you need to do it quite quickly, as the cumulative effect of this over time will cause it to become slightly damaged, or even crack. Granite is non-porous to a degree, but to a degree it isn’t, so don’t take the risk. Any spillage should simply be mopped up with a soft cloth and if necessary, warm water and soap.

Don’t use abrasive sponges or cloths

Scouring pads are a no-no, because over time this will scratch your worktop, and cause it to look much less quality than when it was installed. A soft cloth is enough to clean up any problems, and to buff your surface you could go with a buffing cloth, which doesn’t contain any abrasives.

Avoid any harsh cleaning products

Bleaches and ammonias are a huge no no also. Harsh chemicals can slowly erode the quality of your granite, and then you are leaving yourself open to cracks and breaks, which will be costly to repair. Stick to warm water and soap, which should do the job.

A sealing spray occasionally can help

Whilst you don’t need to constantly seal your granite, it will need it occasionally; you can cut down on the frequency of this by using a sealing spray, around once per month, which should be enough to prolong the life of your granite worktop, no matter what the colour.

It’s important to note that just because your worktop is black, doesn’t mean you don’t need to maintain it as harshly as you would with white. Yes, it might not show up the messes quite so easily, but that doesn’t mean they don’t cleaning up! Always be on the look out for anything which could cause damage to your new work surface over time. Black looks fantastic when buffed with a soft cloth after cleaning, and will really make the surface sparkle, especially under spot lights.

When finding the best black granite work surface, always remember to shop around for price, and check out the actual shade of black in person, rather than just relying on internet pictures – sometimes shades look dramatically different when placed under artificial or natural light.