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The top 5 Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

Marble has been described as the epitome of countertop luxury. On top of this, it is relatively affordable. Nevertheless, not all homes have marble countertops. This means that despite the luxury and affordability, marble has some cons that house owners avoid.

The good

1. Natural

Marble is a natural stone that is easily recognizable given its unique appearance. Marble is either grey, white, pink exotic green but mostly white. Marble has special indicators which include flowing veins and elegance which works both in large and small slabs. Natural stones have an allure that cannot be achieved by any engineering process. Natural stones are appealing in both kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Elegant & Sophisticated Option

Marble is a popular stone in high end and luxurious establishments. From castles to old commercial buildings, monuments to ball rooms, window sills to countertops marble has been used as a show of luxury and power. Today, marble still hold a high place in the building and construction industry

3. Lifetime

Marble countertop outlive most of the synthetic materials. In cases where some materials melt, marble will normally withstand. They are not heat proof but they can surely take more heat than some synthetics.

4. Affordable

Despite its elegance and quality, marble is relatively affordable. From the mining process to the installation process, marble is cheaper than most countertop materials. Marble is readily available and this makes it more affordable. Get an instant quote for a marble worktop.

5. Pastry cool

Marble is naturally cool making it a darling for pastry lovers. When kneading, the flour doesn’t stick on the surface and this is a major plus.

The bad and the ugly

1. Soft like a sponge

Marble is more porous than granite and quartz. The soft nature of the stone makes it more porous than the granite and quartz. This means that marble is more prone from etching and staining. All the same, if you get your marble sealed and installed by a professional, marble may be as sturdy as both granite and quartz.

2. Needs more care and maintenance

To keep marble looking fresh and new, you will need to put in more effort than in the case of granite and quartz. For instance, you should be very careful when working with acidic food over a marble surface. Again, sealing and regular maintenance will protect the marble better. Protect your marble countertop by using trivets, cutting boards pot holders etc. stains should be cleaned immediately they spill.

3. It really hate kids

Marble is porous meaning that it is more susceptible to bacterial. This makes it unideal in homes with young children. Secondly, marble needs to be handled with great care since it is soft and porous. Acidic spills may cause the marble to dull and age. Marble is not the perfect option for most homes since it needs more maintenance and care.

4. Scratches and stain

Marble is soft and thus it very susceptible to scratches and denting. House hold items such as knives and pans will leave scratches on your marble countertop. Although it is relatively easy to buff some scratches away, big scratches are permanent.

5. Not a DIY project

If you though you will install your countertop by yourself or as a family activity, then a marble countertop might not be the best DIY project. The installation of marble requires professionals working with professional tools to install. Some of the cutting tools are expensive to purchase and/or hire.  Get free advice from Surfaceco team.

To buy or not buy

It goes without saying, marble is beautiful and aesthetically perfect. It will transform your home to something exotic and luxurious. This notwithstanding, it will need more time and effort to keep it looking beautiful and luxurious. Depending on the commitment you want to input in your marble, you will choose the fresh and new look or the old natural patina. But you should definitely buy!

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