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The Difference Between Silestone and Granite Worktops

silestone vs granite worktops

When choosing a kitchen worktop, you will be faced with dilemma of picking the right material. There are so many countertop materials that you can pick. Two of the most popular materials are; Silestone and Granite. All the same, the two have so much in common yet so different. Knowing the difference will help you make the right decision for you home.

Granite and Silestone explained?

Granite is a natural stone that consists of different types of rock, with the most common being quartz and mica. Due to the different concentrations of different rocks, granite varies in colour and pattern depending on the rock composition. Like any other natural stone, granite is mined from the earth’s crust as huge blocks and cut into slabs which are the polished to make them smooth and shiny.

On the other hand, Silestone is an engineered stone that is made up of approximately 95% quartz and resin. They are fused together to create a solid and consistent material. Silestone has become popular in homes given its durability, sturdiness and a range of different colours and patterns. The pattern range from solid colours to patterns that resemble natural stones. It will not be surprising to find silestone slabs that look like marble but with the strength of granite.

Silestone and granite are practically of the same weight and density. They are cut and templated almost the same dimensions. Most fabricators of granite and silestone give a 10-year warranty that most customers cannot resist.

The difference between silestone and granite worktops


Granite is porous unlike silestone. All granites need to be sealed to prevent staining and absorptions of liquids. Most fabricators will seal the granite before supplying to end consumers while others don’t. It is recommended that re-sealing is done every two years or when it feel necessary to seal the worktop. Silestone is not porous! Silestone will resist stains caused by spills for a long time without the need of sealing it.


Both are relatively easy to clean. In most cases, stains can be removed by wiping with a damp sponge. This will be good enough to remove dirt and food residues. Using mild home cleaners and warm water will get rid of most stubborn kitchen stains. Silestone worktops can withstand harsh chemical cleaners but this is not the case for granite worktops since the cleaners cause the protective sealant to break.

Anti-bacterial qualities

Both silestone and granite are well positioned to resist bacteria. All the same, silestone has an advantage over granite in that it is more resistant to bacteria. Silestone has a special bacteriostatic that offers resistance to bacterial. This property makes silestone more ideal if you use your worktop to prepare food over or if you have young children.

The heat challenge

Granite is extremely heat resistant. It can take up a hot pan without cracking or scorching. As much as silestone is also heat resistant, it doesn’t perform well, when there is a sudden change in surface temperature. So if you need to let go of a hot pan quickly, then you better be having a granite worktop. To protect your silestone worktop, use trivets when placing hot pans or kitchenware on the surface.

Don’t scratch here

Granite maybe the better countertop when it comes to scratch resistance but all the same, they both have a degree of scratch resistance that allows them to be sturdy. Granite maybe slightly better because of its hardness.


There’s no big difference in terms of cost. Both the cost of the worktop and installation charges. All the same, high-end granite will be relatively more expensive that equivalent silestone.

Hottest in town

Currently, silestone is slightly more popular than granite in the UK. This perhaps because silestones has a wider range of colours and patterns when compared to granite. All the same, both materials are aesthetically good looking and perfect for any home.

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