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Quartz Composite Worktops – Pros & Cons

Quartz Composite has quickly become such a fashionable stone to use for home renovations, especially for kitchen remodels. It can be used for a range of purposes but it is particularly great for kitchens and bathrooms.
Hopefully this article is going to help you decide whether Quartz Composite is the stone for you to use when it comes to your kitchen worktops. Quartz Composite is such a brilliant material to use however it does not come without some downfalls.

Pros of Quartz Composite

With Quartz Composite being a man made and engineered stone, it means that it is available to purchase in a range of colours, styles and shades that will fit in with your style and personality. You will never have to settle for a colour or shade that you do not completely love.

Quartz Composite is perfect to use for high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms as it is extremely durable. Quartz Composite is able to survive without being dented or scratches like other stones out there. As it has been man made, it has such a strong stone to use. You never have to worry about sharp objects such as knives within the kitchen as it is practically scratch resistant, however it is still recommended to use chopping boards as you normally would to help prevent any mishaps from occurring.
Not only all that, but Quartz Composite is a heat resistant material which can withstand over 500 degrees of heat, which means that hot pans, pots and plates will not affect the finish. However, despite its heat resistant qualities it is still recommended that you do not place hot things directly onto the surface to help the life span of your worktop.

Cons of Quartz Composite

While Quartz Composite is such a beautiful stone it does not have the same appearance as other natural stones, which is a problem for those who are wanting to recreate the natural appearance. If natural stone is the look you are after then Quartz Composite may not be the one for you.
Despite Quartz Composite being so perfect for kitchen worktops and bathrooms, it is very sensitive to certain chemicals which may make the daily cleaning a bit more difficult for you. You will have to be careful which cleaning products and detergents you use on the surface as it may damage your worktop. You are unable to use any products that contain a high pH level, which may cause problems when shopping and damage if you forget or misread labels.

Quartz Composite may be great for being heat, scratch and stain resistant but it is not entirely damage free as it may appear. While it is such a durable and strong stone, it can still be damaged so you have to still take steps to ensure that it is being taken care of appropriately.

While Quartz Composite has a beautiful appearance, it is not seamless. Quartz is only made up of a particular number of feet in both width and length, which means to make larger worktops your supplier will need to connect multiple slabs together which will create a not-entirely seamless look. This is something you need to consider when you are thinking about having Quartz Composite as your worktop material.