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Quartz Composite Countertops in London – Pros & Cons

Quartz Composite has very quickly become a very popular stone to use within home renovations, especially for kitchen remodels and countertops. Quartz Composite is very popular because it can be used for a range of purposes from kitchens, bathrooms to wherever else you could possibly think about having it installed.
Hopefully this article will be able to help you decide whether Quartz Composite is the stone for you to use when it comes to your kitchen countertops. While Quarts Composite is a brilliant material to use and have many advantages, it does not come without its setbacks or little downfalls. Read on to find out more about Quartz Composite and whether it will suit both your home and your lifestyle.

Pros of Quartz Composite

One of the best things about Quartz Composite that makes it so popular is that it has been man made and engineered which only gives it more benefits to offer the customer. Because it has been engineered it is available to be purchased in a huge range of colours, shades and styles that you can be sure will fit in with your style and personality, whatever it may be. You will never have to settle again for a material or colour based on your preferences. With Quartz Composite, you can be sure to find the perfect colour or style for you without any compromises occurring, and having the countertop installed that you absolutely love.
What makes Quartz Composite perfect for being used within kitchen areas is that it is absolutely ideal for any high traffic areas around the home, which includes bathrooms. Quartz Composite is an extremely durable material that you can be sure will not be affected over time due to the amount of use it goes under. The stone will be able to survive many years without being dented, damaged or scratched like many other stones out there. Even items such as knives will not be able to damage the surface of your new countertop because it is so difficult to scratch. While Quartz Composite is practically scratch resistant it is still recommended that you continue to use all the necessary protective measures such as chopping boards as you normally would to help prevent any damage occurring.

Quartz Composite is once again perfect for not only kitchens but kitchen countertops specifically because it is incredibly heat resistant. The stone is able to withstand well over 500 degrees of heat which means any items such as hot pans, pots and plates will not affect the finish of your kitchen countertop. However, while it is very heat resistant it is still recommended that you do not take advantages of its heat resistant qualities and continue to use all protective measures that you can and currently do. By not placing hot items directly onto the Quartz Composite countertop, you will extend the life span.

Con of Quartz Composite

One of the most obvious downfalls of Quartz Composite is its appearance. While it is such a beautiful stone, which cannot be taken away from it, it in no way comes close to offering the appearance of a natural stone. This unnatural appearance may be a huge deciding factor for a lot of people and if you are looking to recreate the appearance of a natural stone then Quartz Composite just may not be the perfect material for you and your kitchen renovations.
While no one can say that Quartz Composite is not an ideal material for kitchen countertops and to be used within bathroom remodels, it can be difficult to keep up with the cleaning products that you are able to use on the surface. Because Quartz Composite cannot be cleaned by certain chemicals that exist in a lot of cleaning products it can make your daily cleaning routine a bit more difficult for you. When you are shopping for cleaning supplies you will have to keep in mind that certain products and detergents are unable to be used as it may damage your countertop. You are unable to use any products that contain a high pH level, as this may end up causing a lot of problems for your stone. The reason why this may be difficult is because if you ever forget when you are shopping or misread any labels, it can have huge effects or be an inconvenience.

Lastly, while Quartz Composite has a great selling point for being used within home remodels due to its heat, scratch and stain resistant qualities, it may not be as entirely damage free as it may appear. In no way can anyone guarantee that your Quartz Composite countertop is going to be damage free for its entire life span, as this is unpractical. While it is a highly durable and strong material, it can still be damaged so you still have to take certain steps to make sure that you are taking good care of it.