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Quartz Bathroom Countertops – Pros & Cons

Quartz Stone is one of the most popular materials for bathroom countertops and for very good reason. There are many reasons why people are seeking Quartz for their bathroom remodelling but it is really all that it is cracked up to be? We will be discussing exactly what the benefits and downfalls of Quartz countertops to give you a balanced view, so that you can decide for yourself whether or not Quartz is the best material for the job, your bathroom and your lifestyle.

Pros of Quartz

Amazingly, Quartz is just second to diamond for its strength, which gives it great scratch resistant properties. As it is so resistant to scratches, it can be left with absolutely no mark after a slip of a knife or other sharp objects that may be found within the bathroom. When you accidentally place sharp objects on your bathroom countertop you will have nothing to worry about as you will still be left with a countertop that remains looking good as new. As long as you keep looking after your Quartz countertop, you will have a brilliant looking stone for many years to come.
In the bathroom are plenty of heavy objects – perfume bottles, make up, beauty items you name it! But one of the benefits of Quartz is that it is extremely difficult to chip or crack. So if you ever accidentally drop a large, heavy item onto your countertop it will not damage the surface. This strength of the Quartz also means that it is brilliant for transporting and installing as any bumps will not be a huge concern.
Within the bathroom you may also have other items such as hair straighteners which are known to reach extremely high temperatures. While most of these items come with heat pads, not everyone uses them or remembers to. For this reason, it is important to get a heat resistant stone for your countertops which Quartz can offer! Quartz stone is able to tolerate and cope with high heat without the material burning at all, as long as it does not exceed a certain temperature. Despite this, you should still continue using heat pads where possible to help prevent any signs or damage – you can never be too careful!
When it comes to selecting your new bathroom materials, cleaning and hygiene should always be at the forefront of your mind. With Quartz stone you will never have this worry again. As Quartz has been entirely man made, it has been designed to be a non-porous material which means that it will never harbour any bacteria or liquids that encourage the growth of harmful bacteria. The bathroom is one of the main areas of the house where you will be far more conscious of hygiene, but with Quartz you know that you will be making the right decision for this.
Unlike other natural stones on the market, like Marble, Quartz has been manufactured and designed to have a very consistent colouring. The appearance of colour and pattern is always uniform so that each and every slab will match, so you will never be disappointed in what you receive when it comes to installing the countertop. A lot of other natural stones out there will arrive with a many inconsistencies which just is not what some people want.
Once again, unlike types of natural stone, Quartz stone will never require any treatment in the long term such as sealing. Therefore, as it requires no maintenance at all other than the general daily cleaning routines, it is by far cheaper for those who have a budget and do not want any long term costs. This not only saves money but also time too.

In addition to Quartz being heat and scratch resistant, it is also strain proof thanks to is non-porous quality. If you ever spill a substance on your bathroom countertop such as nail varnish then there is very little to worry about in terms of staining as the stone will never hold onto any liquids and therefore will not stain. All spillages will be contained on top of the surface for easy cleaning – perfect for bathroom and kitchen countertops.

Cons of Quartz

Despite Quartz being great for being consistent in colour, it in no way is a substitute for natural stone as it does not have the same appearance at all. So if you are after the look of a natural stone then this may not be the best option for you and you may wish to consider other options. If you prefer a unique material then Marble may be your best bet. Quartz is a manufactured red stone and therefore will have that appearance.

While Quartz is incredibly easy to clean due to it being non-porous and therefore not holding onto anything, it is extremely sensitive to chemicals. You have to be careful which type of cleaning products and detergents that you use on a Quartz surface as it is sensitive to some cleaning agents. Any cleaning product that contains a high pH level would be unsuitable to be used, which may cause a bit of hassle when you are shopping for cleaning products. If you ever find yourself making the mistake of buying the wrong cleaning product or misreading a label, then you will have either risked damaging your countertop or have the inconvenience of not being able to clean your countertop until you are able to shop for more supplies. Any use of certain chemicals can end up permanently damaging your Quartz countertop so it is best to do your research to see if this is acceptable for you.

You may remember that we said above that Quartz is amazing for not being affected by heat or sharp objects as much as other materials are. While this is true, Quartz can still be damaged and chipped if it is hit hard enough. It may be a strong stone but it is breakable. Sometimes the advertisement of it being such a strong stone can influence customers into thinking that it is unbreakable and therefore they purchase it under this idea and then not being as careful as you should be – risking the appearance of your countertop in the process.

While Quartz is consistent in colour and pattern, it is in no way seamless. It is unable to offer a seamless appearance because the slabs are only made up to a certain number of fee in both width and length. If you ever require a larger size then this will be made up by connecting multiple slabs together, creating a not-so seamless appearance. If you are after a seamless look then you may wish to factor this into your decision making.