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Pros and Cons of White Marble Kitchen Worktops

White Marble Kitchen Worktops

Do you go for it, or do you avoid it?

White marble has long been a fiery debate in the home décor world, but the fact remains that white marble looks wonderful, especially when it is looked after properly.

You will find white marble bathrooms especially in many places of importance, such as stately homes, for example, but white marble also works fantastically well in a kitchen too.

If you want to explore this a little more, check out these pros and cons of white marble kitchen worktops.

Pros of White Marble Kitchen Worktops

  • White marble looks fantastic in a kitchen, and can be used as either a modern theme, with monochrome, or it can be use in a farmhouse/retro theme – the choice there is yours.
  • Every single slab is individual – White marble slabs are never the same as each other, which means you are not going to have the same work surface as your neighbour!
  • Provided you clean your white marble worktop regularly and avoid anything too harsh in terms of cleaning products, and avoid anything abrasive in terms of cloths and sponges, you will have an easy to look after surface.
  • Baking fans will find the constantly cool temperature of marble works great when making items such as pastry.
  • White marble is never going to go out of fashion, it is basically sophistication with a capital S!

Cons of White Marble Kitchen Worktops

  • Marble, no matter what the colour, is porous, and that means it is going to absorb any liquids which it comes into contact with. This over time can cause breakage and cracking, so always clean up any spillages immediately.
  • Marble requires more maintenance than granite or quartz. This means you are going to need to regularly seal your work surface, and be a little more careful than you would be otherwise.
  • The cost. White marble, in fact any marble, does cost a little more than quartz for sure, and even granite. If you are keen on white marble however, you can easily shop around for the best deals on the actual slab and installation, so this is a case of patience and determination!
  • Not heat resistant. Always use heat saving pads on your kitchen surface, and never put a hot pan directly on the work surface. Marble isn’t heat resistant, unlike quartz, and that means you need to look after your surface in this particular area – you can buy some very attractive heat resistant pads however!

These are the main pros and cons of white marble worktops in your kitchen. Hopefully this will have dispelled some of the myths that surrounds this beautiful stone. Yes, white marble is a little difficult to look after when you compare it to others, especially quartz, but that doesn’t make it fragile in any way.

There is a very good reason why white marble has been used to much in the past, and why it continues to be used in places of high importance. This is basically because it looks great, and appearances are pretty much most of what you are looking for. Of course, you want it to be durable, but provided you give your white marble work surface some care and attention, and you are mindful of its potential failings, there is no reason why this won’t be a fantastic addition to your kitchen.