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Pros and Cons of White Marble Countertops

White Marble Countertops

If you are thinking about opting for a white marble countertop, either in your kitchen or your bathroom, you might be a little confused about your choice, unsure even.

That’s understandable, because you hear so much about marble, not least white marble, that it’s easy to be a little swayed by opinion. What you need to bear in mind however is that white marble has been used throughout history to create an opulent appearance, and it does it very well! Think about the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians! They all used white marble in important places, such as communal bathing areas, and even areas of worship. For this reason, white marble has remained an integral part of décor throughout history, and whilst there are a couple of downsides to it, there are many upsides too.

Let’s check out both the pros and cons of white marble, to help you make your decision, and perhaps sway you towards a purchase.

Pros of White Marble

The appearance – White marble is basically beautiful, and no stone is the same as any other, with individual veining running through every single slab; your worktop will not be the same as your neighbour’s, even if you buy it from the same place, at the same time!

Constant cool temperature – Marble is a cool stone, even when it’s hot in the room. If you are a master baker, then this is fantastic for you, because it will help with your pastry making skills!

Widely available – White marble is a very common stone, despite the fact that you won’t find two slabs the same as each other. This means you can shop around for deals to lower costs. If you decide to go for a rarer shade, you should be prepared to pay a little more, but on the whole, costs are competitive and you can do a little bargain-hunting at certain times of the year, when sales are on.

Strong and long-lasting – The myth that marble is a fragile stone needs to end now! Marble is mined from the earth, and therefore it is strong and very durable, provided it is looked after in the right way.

Cons of White Marble

High maintenance – Whilst you’re not going to have to give your marble worktop TLC every single day, you are going to need to look after it a little more than you would with quartz or granite. After the initial installation you will need to re-seal the stone at least annually.

Marble isn’t stain or scratch resistant – No stone is 100% resistant to scratches and stains, but marble is a little more susceptible, because it is porous. For that reason, make sure you mop up any spillages when they happen, and also use chopping boards to avoid scratches from knives and other sharp objects.

There are certainly more pros than cons to white marble, and whilst you are going to have to look after your worktop, you’d do that anyway, right? A stone as luxurious as this really does deserve a little TLC from time to time, so make sure you show it the respect and care it needs, and you can be sure that your sparkling and opulent-looking white marble worktop will cater for your needs for a good few years to come.