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Pros and Cons of Tiling a Shower with Marble Stone

Marble Stone

Marble is a very luxurious and classic stone, and one which will certainly give your bathroom a truly special feel. There is a reason why many stately homes and areas of importance choose white marble stone for their bathrooms; even the Ancient Greeks and Romans had a penchant for this most opulent of stones!

There is a downside however, and that is the fact that marble is slightly harder to look after than other natural stones, such as quartz or granite. Despite all of that, you don’t have to pander to your marble too much, provided you simply use common sense and look after your investment.

Marble stone can be used for floors, wall tiles, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, and many other options, but perhaps one of the most common uses is to tile a shower, or around a bath, with marble stone.

Let’s check out the pros and cons

The pros of tiling a shower with marble stone

  • The appearance – You aren’t going to get a more classic and sophisticated appearance than by using white marble. This is the classic go-to for all rooms of importance, so decorating your shower or bath area with this choice is going to give you serious glamour points!
  • You can choose between different colours – You don’t just have to go for white, of course, as there are many other shades available. Black marble stone looks very classy in a monochrome style, or you could go for a beige colour, if you are a little worried about the cleaning maintenance of white.
  • Strong – You might think that marble is fragile, but it’s far from it! Yes, it needs looking after well, but any stone needs care and attention from time to time.
  • If you buy from a big manufacturer, you get a good warranty – Having a long warranty certainly gives you peace of mind, and if you buy your marble from a big named manufacturer you can enjoy the perks of this decision.

The cons of tiling a shower with marble stone

  • You need to be careful of the products you use – Any toiletries you use in the shower could come into contact with the tiles, and if they are particularly astringent for whatever reason, you need to make sure you clean them off as soon as you have finished; this could cause damage otherwise.
  • Cleaning can be more difficult – Avoid using any cleaning products containing bleach or any other harsh chemicals, as this can affect the marble and cause damage over time. On top of this, avoid using any scouring pads.
  • You need to reseal your tiles annually – Marble needs annual maintenance in terms of sealing, so you will need to check your tiles and have them re-sealed every year. If you don’t do this then you will find that water absorbs into the tiles very easily and can cause issues, as well as mould and mildew formation, no matter how well you clean them.

As you can see, marble is not that difficult to look after, provided you keep on top of your cleaning regime and you know what you can and can’t use. Be sure to shop around for the best deals, to keep costs low, and you will have a shiny, opulent, and seriously classy bathroom to last for a long time to come.