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Popular Marble Range Colours For Bathroom Worktops

Popular Marble Range

If you are choosing marble for your new bathroom worktop, you are making a classic, timeless, and popular choice. Marble range often appears in places of importance, and you will probably have seen it in many a bathroom, such as in a stately home, for example.

Of course, there is a reason for this, and that is because it is a classy option to go for, and has been used for thousands of years – even the ancient Romans had a thing about marble!

If you have no idea where to start in terms of colour however, be assured that you don’t have to simply go for white if you don’t want to; check out these suggestions.

White Marble

Of course, white marble is the classic choice, but you can get white marble with veins of a different colour running through it, which cuts down on the brightness, making it easier to clean overall. White marble should not be avoided, because once installed correctly and cleaned regularly, it really does look fantastic in your bathroom, and will make your space look ultra sophisticated.

Black Marble

On the other hand we have another choice which you will have seen countless times before – black marble. This is because black marble is another timeless choice, perhaps not as obvious as white, but it does give you the perfect material to create a monochrome effect, and it is also much easier to clean because, well, it doesn’t show up the dirt as much!

Coffee Shades of Marble

Brown is a very popular choice, but we are veering towards the coffee shades here, because they are so extremely popular at the moment. You can create either a sleek, ultra modern effect, or you can go for something a little more farmhouse by using coffee shades. Go for a latte shade if you want something light, cappuccino for something in the middle, and espresso shades for darker brown marble range choices.

Grey Marble

We’re not talking about Fifty Shades of Grey here, but rather a very modern way to use marble. This is a sleek option, and when paired with white or black, and silver handles for your cabinets, you are going to have an appearance of a very modernistic bathroom. Think about some of the biggest and most upmarket hotels in the world, they all have this type of colour scheme, and you can achieve this with marble quite easily.

Sea Shades of Marble

Grey/blue, blue, or green are wonderful ways to incorporate marble into your bathroom, whilst also keeping with the aqua theme of the room itself. Go for lighter colours if you want to create the illusion of space, or you can go for something darker if you have a large bathroom. Basically, the individual lines and veins which run through marble make for an interesting appearance if you choose this particular type of colour scheme.

These are five of the most popular colour ranges when choosing marble for your new bathroom worktop. Be sure to mop up any potentially staining spillages, and always use heat resistant mats for hot hair styling tools, to avoid any damage to your new worktop.

Marble should certainly not be avoided, and because it is porous, it is very quick drying also, making for the ideal stone for a bathroom.