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How to Clean Marble Worktops and Tiles

Marble Worktops and Tiles

When you choose marble for a worktop, or you decide to go down the route of marble tiles, you are certainly making a very attractive and opulent choice. Marble looks fantastic, and provided you look after it properly, and give it due care and attention, it will certainly last you for a long time to come.

Marble has a reputation of being fragile and difficult to look after, but it’s really only about following a few guidelines, in order to keep your worktop or your tiles in perfect working order. Whether you have chosen classic white marble, or you’ve gone for something a little edgier, follow these simple steps to clean your worktop or your tiles. There is nothing particularly expensive in the repertoire of cleaning materials for marble, and it can be as easy as soap, water, and a soft cloth!

Never leave water standing on the work surface/tiles

Marble is a porous substance, so it will absorb liquids quite quickly. Absorbed water can lead to damage or cracking at a later date, so it’s always a good idea to try and minimise this as much as possible, whilst also ensuring that you seal your worktop or your tiles at least annually, if not more frequently.

Clean up spillages or acidic substances immediately

Marble is particularly sensitive to any spillage which is acidic, so it’s important to try and avoid these types of substances from coming into contact with the surface as much as possible, or clean them up straight away if a spillage does occur.

Clean with an all-purpose cleaner, water-based

It’s important to avoid any harsh chemical cleaning solutions, because these will damage your marble and leave it looking dull and etched. You can simply use a gentle all-purpose cleaner which is water-based, or a cleaning solution which is pH neutral. Apply this by filling up a spray bottle and simply spraying it onto your marble. Alternatively, warm, soapy water will do the job effectively.

Use soft, damp cloths, avoid anything abrasive

Scouring pads or anything which could scratch with an abrasive surface should be avoided like the plague where marble is concerned. Instead, use a soft, damp cloth, and a dry, soft cloth to buff the surface afterwards.

Remember marble maintenance

Marble requires sealing on a regular basis, and you can do this in-between by simply applying a sealing spray. This leaves a protective layer between the surface and the environment, and stops anything getting too close which could cause damage.

The rumour that marble is a fragile stone is entirely false. Yes, you do need to look after marble, but when you make an investment in any part of your house, you should look after it carefully. Provided you avoid anything harsh, you mop up spillages immediately, and you avoid chemical cleaners, there is nothing particularly difficult involved in cleaning and maintaining marble.

There are many sealing sprays on the market which can do the job without major upset or worry, but this is certainly a part of marble maintenance which shouldn’t be avoided. Providing that protective layer between the environment and the marble surface is imperative to keep your worktops or tiles looking fantastic for as long as possible. When you spend money, you should protect the item you’re spending cash on!