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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Island Tops?

Kitchen Island Tops

When you are at the beginning of a kitchen remodel it may feel a bit overwhelming at first, but it does not have to be difficult when it comes to choosing and searching for the perfect kitchen island top. We have put together some excellent tips and pointers to help you find the best kitchen island top for you and your home.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Before you decide on the material or colour that you want to have for your kitchen island top, you need to firstly consider how you live within your kitchen and how you would use it. For example, if you have smaller children and prepare a lot of messy food then you most probably do not want to go for a white Granite kitchen island top.

Natural Stone or Engineered

After you have thought about how you would be using your new kitchen island top, you can then decide whether a natural or engineered stone would best suit your home. Natural stone such as Marble are much softer than Granite and therefore require much more delicate use and care. However, engineered stone is much more durable and very easy to maintain long-term.

Consider All Factors

When it comes to deciding on which kitchen island top you would like, you need to consider the cost, levels of maintenance and durability of the materials you are interested in. You should never go off the appearance alone to make a decision as you have to live with it and practicality is key. You also need to decide whether long-term costs such as sealing the surface is something you are happy to do, if not then an engineered stone is your best bet.