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How Much Does A New Countertop Really Cost?


While you are shopping around for a new kitchen countertop you have most likely found yourself in a dilemma. The costs for countertops between big box stores and kitchen remodeling companies or contractors are quite different. And now you are wondering how much a new kitchen countertop really costs.

If you have asked both the big box stores and the remodeling companies or contractors this question, you have most likely gotten the run-around with no one really answering the question. Well now, in this article, we will break down the charges for you. And hopefully you will then understand precisely how much that countertop will begin to cost you in the end.

What Does That Number Really Mean?

When you are looking at kitchen countertops in a big box store they generally only offer one price. That one sticker price everyone can see. They sell countertops in bulk, which may seem affordable when comparing to remodeling companies and contractors, but the price is usually not your final price. The truth is, the price usually only includes the countertop and nothing else you might need to install it.

Beware The Hidden Charges

While small numbers might look great now, the final price is often increased by many hidden charges and fees.

Before you begin your quest of buying your countertop from a big box story, you need to know the desired size, shape and style of your new countertop. Many big box stores will not include fabrication. They will often charge you for the templates and fabrication of your new countertop without offering you any other alternative.

If you are looking at bulk countertops, edge style and radius corners are not included in the countertop costs. Styling options can be a very expensive additional charge.

How About Delivery And Installation?

Delivery charges are one of the biggest expenses a big box store will hit you with when you purchase a new countertop. Many people cannot move large countertops on their own and this charge can sometimes be hundreds of dollars.

Installation is another added fee. Unless you plan on installing the countertop yourself, the big box stores can plan on adding another hidden charge. Countertop installation cost includes many steps such as: disconnection of appliances, removal of old countertop, re-leveling of cabinets (if necessary), and attachment of under mount sink, faucet drillings and installation of the new countertop. And this does not include any re-measuring of the countertop and cutting if it does not happen to fit the area.

Going With A Remodeling Contractor

As you can see, when you walk into a big box store you can be hit with a lot of hidden charges after you buy that lovely kitchen countertop. The price you thought was small is now far above the original posted sticker price.

Going with a remodeling company or contractor can save you money in the long run. They will let you know the price up front and many companies will have payment plans for their customers. Do the research and you will end up with more money in your pocket than in your kitchen.