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Granite Worktops Slough – Price & Installation!

Granite Worktops Slough

Looking for high quality Granite Worktops in Slough? Granite is perhaps the most beautiful and elegant stone that you can bless your kitchen with. Granite is a natural stone that is mined from the earth’s crust and transported to a cutting facility where they are cut into smaller practical slabs. The small slabs are then polished ready to adorn your home or commercial worktops.

Granite is famously known for its natural beauty. Besides it being aesthetically appealing, granite will bring your property value up by the same amount or more.

Given its huge selection of colours and movements, it is very versatile and can be used for:

  • kitchen worktops
  • fireplaces
  • floors
  • jacuzzis
  • vanity tops
  • table tops
  • tub surround
  • stairs etc.

The versatility of granite work tops is not by mere luck. Granite has desirable physical characteristics that make it suitable for the above applications. For starters, it is very hard. Too hard that it can take the normal knocks in the kitchen.

Being a natural stone, Granite handles heat fairly good. It can withstand hot pans and utensils or a hot air blower in the bathroom. All the same, it is not advisable to place very hot objects on it since they will ruin the sealant. Sealing granite worktops is very critical since it protects the porous stone from stains and spills. A well-sealed granite worktop will last for many years without losing its aesthetic appeal. It is recommended that your re-seal every 2-3 years depending on the usage.

Granite Worktops Slough – Price & Installation

Installing granite worktops can be cumbersome and easy at the same time. This all depends on the approach you use. If you decide to buy the whole slab and cut it yourself, you will have set up yourself for some huge labour as is not a very easy job.

Alternatively, you can take the measurements of your worktop area, mark out the sink area and other fixtures and have the dealer cut them out for you.

The first step is always the cabinets. Have the cabinets full installed and have them ready to receive the granite.

If you are looking for top quality and affordable granite worktops in Slough, take all the necessary measurements and head out to SurfaceCo to select your preferred granite slab. Take samples of your cabinet colours for colour matching. You will get loads of interior designers to advise you on the colours. On average, granite worktops can be from £35 square foot. The price vary according to the colour that you pick.

“East, west home is best” and “home sweet home” are two old sayings that hold water till today. The two are sentimental sayings that reflected correctly to every person out here trying to make their homes as homely as possible.

At Surfaceco, we understand the passion and love that people put in building their homes and we want to make your dreams a reality. Our staff are available to serve you and ensure that you get the most fit and practical advice.

  • We provide sales and granite worktop installation services in Slough and surrounding areas within Berkshire and the Greater London area. If you are looking for the best price quotes, material and colour options or edge designs give us a call today!