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Granite Worktops In London – Price & Installation!

granite worktops in london

There’s a good choice of granite worktops in London area. Granite is one of the most used materials for kitchen worktops, it was used even in ancient Egypt. It’s durable and can’t be scratched with a knife. Before buying Granite you should familiar yourself with some basic information about it.

Granite Worktop Prices

Prices for granite worktops vary from company to company. Every granite you can find in London is the same material, but it can have a different polish, different colors and the company themselves can actually decide to sell it for cheaper or for a higher price. An average price for granite worktops in London would be around £50 to 80 per square foot, based on the amount you are purchasing, the design and a few other factors.

Colors Of Granite Worktops

Every piece of granite is unique. You can’t find 2 exact same pieces, because they all have different patterns, swirls and specks. Some Granite pieces even have different finishes, but the most used finish is matte. You can find many different colored granite worktops in London, some of them are colored black, white, blue, red, brown. It all boils down to your choice and the style of your kitchen.

Granite Worktops Installation in London

Depends on where you buy it from, but most companies in London that sell worktops offer installation services too. Although it would be nice, not everyone can install granite worktops by themselves. You need the proper tools (which are expensive), the right knowledge and years of experience.

The best way of doing it is to buy the granite worktops and get them installed by the same company, since they may give you a discount for it.

Now that it’s a bit cleared up, you should know how to choose the right granite worktop for you. London has a lot to offer, so check as much different granite worktops as you can and decide on what best suits you.