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Granite Worktops, Are They Really Worth the Money?

Granite Worktops, Are They Really Worth the Money

It is undisputable that granite worktops are beautiful and go a long way to compliment any kitchen, home or bathroom. But beauty aside, are they really worth the money?

Granite worktops have numerous benefits and advantages that make them one of the most popular countertops. Granite is highly heat resistant meaning that it can take a hot pan without suffering aesthetical (loss of color or texture) or structural damage (melting and breakage). You can confidently drop a hot pan on your kitchen top without the fear of damaging it. Granite can handle up to 400oc of heat which is clearly more than enough in a kitchen.

Granite doesn’t not stain easily. And when it does stain, it is very easy to clean. Granite requires very little effort to keep it looking brand new even after four decades. You will not need to spend more money buying specialized cleaning products or hiring professionals to do your cleaning. Warm water and normal home detergents will be more than enough to keep your counter top looking fresh and new. On the other hand, you will not need to worry about bacteria contamination. When compared to other worktops such as wood, this is a big deal. This in mind, you can install granite at virtually any place in your home; bathroom, kitchen, dining room etc. How does wooden tops in bathroom handle the moisture?

  • Aesthetically, it is universally agreed that granite has the look. Granite slabs come in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. This means you can have a custom made look for any of your worktop. You can have an original design for all your worktops given that they are over 50 different colors and patterns.

Some people may argue that it is better to have the cheaper wood or laminates countertops. But when you consider the maintenance over time, you will see you are better off with the expensive granite worktops. Wood and laminates is cheaper to buy and install. However, from time to time, you will be required to do regular maintenance and disinfection. The cost for the repair and disinfection in the long run will be more than a granite worktop.

Granite worktop do not depreciate overtime. And if they do, they depreciate at a very slow rate. If you are into the property market, or you are looking to sell your home in the future, having a granite countertop in your home will actually increase the property value in the market. You will be surprised by how much people will compliment your home for the granite finish.

One way to tell that a product is highly valued and adored, is to look at the number of imitations in the market. The more the imitations, the more valuable the original product is perceived in the market. Many design companies are selling cheaper imitation granite. And the reason is because granite stone worktops are beautiful and practical – fake it till you make it.

In summary, granite work tops are good looking and help to promote the overall appearance of your home and the market value. They save you on future maintenance cost and depreciation. You will not need to put in more money in the future as maintenance costs; once it is installed, you are done with it. Most installers and producers of granite, like Surfaceco give a long warranty if the countertop was installed by one of their authorized installers.

The lifespan of a granite worktop will often be longer than the house itself. So to answer the question, are granite worktops worth the money? With all these advantages, you can now figure it out yourself. If you need help, please feel free to call us at 0333 322 0204 or get now a free quote!