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Granite vs Marble vs Quartz Countertops!

Quartz Countertops

The most appealing, functional and beautiful countertops for kitchen and bathrooms are those made from granite, marble and quartz. Even though they are all very gorgeous and fit in almost every cabinet style, each of them features unique properties that make them more or less likely to use, depending on circumstances.

Granite Countertops for Kitchen Designs

Quarried naturally from earth as enormous chunks of stone, granite countertops are a perfect choice when it comes to designing modern kitchens and bathrooms. Being entirely produces by nature reduces its color palette, but even so, it can be found in many shades such as gray, tan, brown, yellow, gold, taupe, peach or blue-gray.


  • Most common used
  • Stain resistant
  • Solid
  • Durable
  • Withstands heat
  • Low-maintenance

Gain the Rainbow Colors with Quartz Countertops

For the ones that want to have zero upkeep time allocated for kitchen top, quartz is the perfect option. Although its colors are unappealing and dull without enhancements, this material is widely used because of its nonporous nature, man-made feature and highly resistance to scratch.


  • Man-made
  • Color enhanced
  • Non-porous
  • Zero upkeep
  • Less flecks and veins
  • 97% quartz/7% resin

A disadvantage of using quartz countertops can be the fact that it requires to be installed only by professional trained staff, because it is heavy to be manipulated and the edges may break if they are not specially protected.

Natural Modeling Patterns of Marble Countertops

Trying to maintain an ecological tend to your house, you would definitely take marble countertops into consideration. It is produced entirely in the nature and features some very unpredictable veining and natural models. On a large scale, even if it is a porous material and it is not stain resistant, many people opt to use it because of its lower price.


  • Most porous
  • Sensitive to liquids
  • Requires maintenance
  • Unique and unpredictable veining
  • Natural modeling
  • Darken over time

Marble countertops require long maintenance time because acidic liquids and potent chemical cleaners may enter into its texture and could leave undesirable stains that affect the appearance of the top.

Money Aspect of Countertops

Considering wood, tile, concrete or even laminate alternatives, all three countertop materials are more expensive. According to professional sites of statistics, quartz is the most expensive stone to be used in kitchen and bathroom designs due to its high quality, low maintenance and high durability of the finite product.

Marble comes second, having a slightly higher price than the granite, mostly granted to its natural features and natural patterns. Each of these materials is available in a wide variety of colors and in a wide range of quality countertops. Having a quartz countertop doesn’t guarantee you a high quality, such as having a granite one, doesn’t make your kitchen to be in a deplorable aspect.

One over another, the desired style must be taken into consideration mostly, when choosing your kitchen countertop, because having an atmosphere harmonically assorted with your house elements is the desired aspect that each house owner is trying to achieve when building or renovating its leaving place.