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All About Quartz Unistone

Quartz Unistone

There are many different stones and material to choose from when it comes to renovating your kitchen or bathroom countertops, and it pays to be up on the facts and figures, to make sure you pick the right one for your needs, requirements, and budget.

Quartz is a very popular choice, and a very durable one too. This natural stone is excavated from the ground, and is extremely long-lasting and strong. Installation needs to be done properly to ensure it lasts to its full potential, and to ensure you’re not left with a costly mistake on your hands.

As with any type of material, there are different manufacturing types, and quartz is available in a type called Unistone. This is a top quality brand, and a big name which will give you confidence when you are investing a larger sum of money into your kitchen or bathroom countertops. There is also the added bonus of a warranty and installation, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Unistone quartz is made of 93% pure quartz, and 7% resin, to give it various colours and patterns, depending on what you want in your kitchen. This is an ideal material for both kitchen and bathroom worktops, and is anti-bacterial, which means it is ideal for families with small children. The surface is non-porous also, which means it doesn’t stain easily, and that makes for a longer lasting product overall. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after your work surface carefully, and strong solvent chemicals should be avoided, as this may cause degradation over time.

Available Colours of Quartz Unistone

Quartz Unistone is available in the following colours:

  • Alaska White;
  • Belgian Blue
  • Bianco;;
  • Bianco Assoluto;
  • Bianco Carrara;
  • Bianco Cristal;
  • Bianco Extreme;
  • Bianco Galactica;
  • Bottocino;
  • Bruno;
  • Calacatta;
  • Cemento;
  • Cinza;
  • Crema Marfil;
  • Empire Brown;
  • Grigio;
  • Jura Grey;
  • Moca Crema;
  • Nero Assoluto;
  • Nero Galactica;
  • Sabbia Greige;
  • Statuario;
  • Titanium Brown;

As you can see, there is a shade for almost every type of colour you would want for your kitchen or bathroom work surface, and these all tie in with various other different decors you would have on your wall, which makes for a flexible and durable choice of material to go for.

You might now be wondering how much Quartz Unistone is going to cost you, but the final cost really depends on the size and shape you want. A good retailer will be able to give you a quote before you commit to anything, and there are often online quotes you can obtain, which means you can shop around online and decide on the colour, type, and size of your quartz slabs, without even leaving the house – major bonus for you!

Overall, quartz is a fantastic option to go for, especially for kitchens, because this is the room which is going to have the most in the way of hard work. Think about it – red wine, vinegar, various other staining items, these all make contact with your work surface, so you need to go for an option which isn’t going to stain after the first few uses, and one which isn’t going to need major maintenance, other than regular cleaning.

Quartz Unistone ticks all these boxes, and ensures that bacteria is kept away from the surface, being non-porous, as most quartz varieties are.