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8 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Worktops

Bathroom Worktops

A new bathroom needs to be shiny and fresh, but it also needs to have a worktop which is going to last you for the duration you need it to, and not breakdown after a short amount of time. If you’re not sure here to begin, here are eight tips to get you started on how to choose the ideal bathroom worktop for you.

A bathroom worktop is not the same as a kitchen worktop;

Durability is important, we know this, but when you are choosing a bathroom worktop you don’t need to think about the same things you would if you were choosing a kitchen worktop. Yes, a bathroom worktop goes through some tough tests during its lifetime, but it doesn’t need to be as hardy as a kitchen version. This gives you more flexibility.

Research about materials;

You need to have a good knowledge of the pros and cons of each worktop material, so you can identify which is the best for you. Many bathroom worktops are made of either stainless steel or marble. Marble is a timeless, classy choice, whereas stainless steel is low in maintenance and looks shiny and minimalistic.

Don’t go with colour fads;

You need to think seriously about your colour scheme. A lime green bathroom might be the new in thing at the current time, but in five years’ time is it still going to look good? It’s probably better to go with timeless, neutral colours for your bathroom worktop as an alternative, whilst also making sure that you pick a colour which ties in with any décor changes you might make.

Don’t go over your budget;

Set yourself a budget and don’t go over it. If you don’t want to end up with a rather costly project on your hands, don’t let your eyes be seduced by bathroom paraphernalia that you don’t really need – stick to what you can afford.

Research designs and trends beforehand;

Of course you want to be on trend to a degree, although as we mentioned before, avoid faddy trends like the plague. Buy a few home interior magazines or peruse the internet and see what trends are in at the moment for bathrooms – see if you can incorporate this into your new design.

Shop around for price;

This goes without saying, surely!

Think about what you use your bathroom countertops for;

Do you use hot hair tools? Do you use chemical-including products, such as nail varnish remover? If so, you need a worktop which is porous, such as marble and granite, and instead you need to look more along the lines of quartz, which isn’t porous and won’t be upset by hot tools or chemicals.

If you have children, think about bacteria;

If you have children then you need to think about how easy the worktop is to clean to sterile standards, to avoid harbouring bacteria. Again, a non-porous surface, such as quartz, is a good idea here.

These are eight tips to get you started when planning your new bathroom worktop design, starting with your new worktop. Be sure to check out all your options carefully before making a final decision, and that way your new worktop will last you much longer as a result, without making a costly mistake from the get-go.