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7 Beautiful Quartz Silestone Colours For Kitchen Worktops

Quartz Silestone

You want a new kitchen worktop, but you have to make a few decisions before you make the purchase.

Firstly, what material are you going for? What colour? Where are you going to buy it from?

Silestone quartz is a fantastic choice in terms of producer of quartz, and this high quality brand means you have the fall back of a warranty on top of everything else. It’s always a good idea to check shades on the internet and then go to a showroom, to see how it looks in different lights, because this can often be the make or break point; just because a shade looks grey in artificial light, and on the internet, doesn’t mean it will look grey in daylight, in your kitchen.

If you need a little inspiration, here are seven wonderful Silestone shades you can choose for your new kitchen worktop, all of which work wonderfully well with other colours in your décor.

Blanco Zeus Extreme – This is a white shade, but it is slightly offer white, veering slightly towards cream, which makes it easier to look after and easier to clean. The lack of blinding white also means that it goes with other colours much easier, so if you are wanting a monochrome design, a coffee design, or perhaps a grey and cream décor, this is the shade you could go for. It is also glossy in finish and doesn’t have lines running through it.

Arctic – This is a white shade, literally, but it has darker grey flecks running through it, which breaks up the expanse of colour. Again, this goes with many other colours, so you can easily pair your black, grey, brown, or other white cabinets with this kitchen worktop, for a wonderful finished product.

Hudson – This particular shade is in the Silestone Ocean Series and is actually a light brown shade which has grey lines running through it. This is a very sleek finish choice, and the lines aren’t too prominent, which makes it easy to clean, easy to look after, and very modern for your new kitchen décor.

Rosso Monza – Not everyone wants a kitchen which is muted or neutral, so if you are after a truly retro theme, this particular red shade is fantastic. In the Silestone Life! Series, Rosso Monza will look fantastic with glossy white or black. Of course, if you go for this particular option you are going to struggle in the future if you want to totally change your décor and go muted, but if you are keen on staying bold, this is a beautiful shade to go for.

Doradus – It’s likely that black will never go out of fashion, and in that case, Doradus is a fantastic choice. This is a black shade, but it has tiny flecks of dark grey running though it, which aren’t that noticeable unless you look very closely. This means that the shade is interesting, and interesting is always good! Of course, black is also very easy to look after, when compared to white and lighter shades.

Pulsar – If you have a country kitchen/farmhouse theme, then Pulsar is a great choice of shade for your new kitchen worktop. This is a cream shade and it has yellow/light brown flecks running through it, which seem to be arranged in a pattern which almost looks like flowers. This means you will have a very charming and retro work surface, which will look great with other muted cabinets.

Black Canyon – Finally we have another dark choice, but this one isn’t black, it is actually dark brown, with white, grey and black flecks in it, which almost look like sand. In the Mountain Series, this Silestone quartz choice is natural and neutral, looking great in either a modern kitchen, or something more farmhouse in style.