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6 Most Popular Marble Stone Colours

marble kitchen colours

Marble is one of the most iconic stones on the planet. Whether you are using it for a floor, a tile, a work surface, or in the bathroom, marble is certainly an opulent and classic choice to go for.

Many people are a little scared of marble almost, simply because it seems to be so fragile, but that’s certainly not the case. Provided marble is looked after carefully, and it is given the care and attention its beautiful appearance deserves, being maintained every year per instructions, then your marble work surface, floor, or tile work will last you for many years to come.

If you are a baking enthusiast then marble is certainly the stone to use for your new worktop. Why? Because marble has a naturally low temperature and that means that no matter what temperature it is outside or in the kitchen, it will always be cool, giving you the ideal conditions for baking, especially for pastry work. On top of this, marble simply looks the part, and if you want to give your kitchen an appearance that everyone will be seriously jealous of, this is the stone you should be opting for.

Probably the biggest decision you need to make is what colour marble stone to go for. You have a lot of choice, and contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about white!

Here are six of the most popular marble stone colours around at the current time. See if any of these grab your attention and inspire you to decorate your kitchen.

  • White Stauario – This is a classic white marble stone, which looks subtle and beautiful in any kitchen, but it has a unique light grey vein running through it, which pairs wonderfully well with a neutral kitchen décor.
  • Rosso Lavante – If you want a retro look to your kitchen space, this is a great one for you. This opulent dark red is rich in tone and has a darker brown vein running through the stone, almost in a web pattern. Fantastic with brown or black cupboards.
  • Rainforest Brown – This particular shade of brown looks like the bark of a tree, so if you want a truly natural look to your kitchen, choose this shade. The veins are a lighter brown than the base colour, with yellow hues.
  • Golden Portoro – If you want a black marble but you want to lighten it up slightly, this particular choice is a good go-to. This is a base black, but the vein is a yellow colour, not too bright, in almost a wave shape across its length.
  • Green Marble – As the name would suggest, this shade is pure natural green, with a lighter grey vein across it. This is a perfect choice for a country style kitchen décor.
  • Golden Flower – A slightly more obscure but certainly very beautiful choice is golden flower. This is a yellow base marble colour, with cream veins across it in an almost symmetrical pattern. Ideal to be paired with white or cream cupboards.

These are six of the most beautiful and most popular marble stone choices on the market today. Of course there are countless more, but if you want to be seriously in fashion, choose one of these and work around your worktop for the rest of your kitchen décor.