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5 Ways to Quickly Clean Your Quartz Worktops

clean quartz countertop1

Quartz is one of the hardest materials that can be used for your kitchen countertops, bathroom, or floor. It is an amazingly non porous stone with little or no channels in it. This means that the quartz countertop will probably not absorb any spilled liquids or foods inside it.

This article will look at the best ways to quickly and efficiently clean your quartz worktop counter space, in order give your quartz the best chance to have a long and healthy life!

Immediately Clean Up Spills – The best way to keep your quartz countertop or worktop clean is to immediately clean up a spill. Allowing a spill, whether it is food or a liquid, to stay and set on the quartz could lead to a staining. While it is rare that the stain will get into the quartz itself, there is a possibility, as with all surfaces, that it will produce a stain. The absolute greatest advantage you have to keep your countertops clean is to immediately clean up any spills.

Mild Household Cleaners Are The Best – If you do encounter a spill that requires more attention than a quick wipe, using a mild household cleaner is the best option. Any common household cleaning fluid will not damage the quartz and should take care of the problem right away. Simple items such as a glass cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner are the best options to clean your quartz worktop or countertop.

Rubbing Alcohol and Dish Detergent – Sometimes there are spills and stains that require a bit more strength to get rid of them. In the kitchen especially, there can be any number of combinations of spills that include wine, acidic juices, sauces and more. To make sure these items do not permanently damage the quartz countertop, there is a simple recipe to clean them. Just combine three parts detergent one part rubbing alcohol and gently apply to the stain on the surface. This should take care of the stain and is gentle enough to not damage the quartz.

Items To Avoid – While quartz is a very hard and durable material, there are always certain precautions to take to ensure that your countertop or worktop lasts as long as possible. Some of the items to avoid when cleaning quartz are: highly acidic cleaning supplies, cleaning products that contain lemon, ammonia, bleach, wax or polish. By avoiding these chemicals and cleaning products you will be adding years to your quartz. The less harmful chemicals that are used the longer your quartz countertops and worktops will last.

Water and Paper Towel – The best, most simple, and easiest way to quickly clean your quartz worktop or countertop is warm water and paper towel. If you have a spill in your kitchen or your work space, grab some paper towel or a cloth and clean it up. The longer the stain has to set, the greater chance there is of permanent damage.

Quartz countertops and worktops are extremely durable, strong, and have little or no pores to absorb spills that could lead to stains. However, the best way to get the most out of your quartz is to clean up any spills right away!