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5 Things Nobody Told You About Quartz


Quartz is one of the best options for stone countertops on the market today. It has various color/pattern options and it is durable, hygienic and sustainable. If you have thought about quartz and are doing some research, we present to you five things you may not yet know about quartz.

Quartz Is Not Considered A Natural Stone Countertop

Quartz, as a countertop base, is not considered a natural stone. It is considered to be a manufactured countertop. Quartz is made by using a process of bonding pieces of quartz together with a non-porous resin. This is what gives quartz its hardness and non-porous quality. Also, because it is manufactured, it can be molded into different and unique shapes, such as curves, without seams or cuts. Natural stone cannot be formed in this manner.

They Are Not 100% Quartz

Although quartz countertops may not be considered natural stone, many contain 97% quartz minerals. The rest is usually the resin used to hold the quartz together.

Many manufacturers use recycled products or other minerals, in addition to the quartz, to expand the colors available to consumers. The many variants created from this process ensure a customer will have a countertop which resembles stone but with a color rarely found in nature.

Quartz Is The 2Nd Most Abundant Mineral On Earth

This is the sustainability factor of quartz. Other natural stones need to be mined in specific locations and many only have finite quantities. Whereas quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. There will soon be a time when other natural stones will no longer be available, which cannot be said of quartz. Because of its abundance and how its manufacturing process, quartz will be around for a very long time.

Quartz Is Better Than Granite

Quartz is one of the best and lowest maintenance stones on the market. It does not require sealing, repairs, or pro-active maintenance for the duration of its life. It is five times harder than granite and non-porous. It is also one of the few stones which is crack-, chip- and break-resistant and never needs to be sealed. This goes to making the stone also impervious to staining, etching, grime, mold/mildew and many kinds of bacteria. With just a clean rag and hot water, quartz can be easily cleaned and maintained.

It’s Made In The UK

Quartz is one of the very few manufactured countertops which are mined, fabricated and shipped to vendors in the UK. Almost all other countertops and their products are mined and fabricated in other countries then shipped to the UK. By having all aspects of quartz processed in the UK, it saves fossil fuel resources, overhead shipping costs, and helps keep your dollar hard at work in the UK, not to mention the price of the actual quartz countertop is then reflected in those savings.

Now that you know a few more things about quartz, contact us today and see how quartz can beautify your home.