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5 Reasons to Choose Granite for your New Worktops

Why choose Granite Worktops

Granite is inarguably the most common worktop option for kitchens and bathrooms. This popularity has been there for quite some time and has even managed to shake off the beauty and versatility of quartz countertops. We will not be surprised if this popularity grows as new granite options are availed given the modern technology.

If you are asking if granite worktops are they worth the money, among the many reasons that make it stand out, here are the top five that will make you want to have a granite worktops:

Rugged and durable

Granite is sturdy and rock hard. It has been described as the second hardest natural material (after diamond of course). If you have a professional installer install for you, it will be the last worktop that you will ever need. The worktop may actually outlive the house. It endures scratching, chipping and cracking pretty well. It can take a hit or two without damage. Given their hardness, granite worktops will handle heat very well. They are very forgiving when you accidentally or knowingly drop a hot object on them. Another advantage brought about by their hard nature is the fact that they can easily be fixed in case they chip or crack. Nonetheless, it depends on the extent of damage.

Low Maintenance

Granite worktops are a bit porous. They need to be sealed before or after installation. Most fabricators will seal the countertops before delivering to your homes. It is very important to have a professional install the countertop for you. When you have it professionally sealed and installed, it will resist staining and bacteria like you have never imagined. Properly sealed granite worktops are easy to clean using ordinary soap and warm water. It is recommended that you quickly wipe spills from your countertop.

Your home of value

If you are home owner looking to sell your home in future, then you are better off installing granite worktops. Not only do they make your home more valuable and attractive but it will actually increase your home’s market value by the same amount or even higher. Put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoe; if you are looking to buy a home and you find one with a granite worktop and another one without, which would you go for?

Cheap in the long run

You might have to break the bank to get your granite worktop installed, but if it is done correctly, then you can have peace of mind for the next 30 years or so. A neighbor who installed a laminate countertop at the same time like you did might need to replace it three to five more times in the same time period. Granite will last two times longer than other popular countertops like quartz and soapstone.

Stunning Beauty and aesthetically correct

Granite has so many superior qualities but perhaps the one quality that is the deal breaker is the stunning beauty. Being a natural stone, granite countertops have gorgeous appearance that is only available with the natural texture that is unique to granite. It is characterized by gently-hued beauty and a natural appeal that is unsurpassed by most all other materials.


You cannot go wrong with granite worktops. They are great when installed practically anywhere. The rule of the thumb is to have a professional do all the installation. The professional should be capable of sealing them. They need to be sealed after installation. When all is said and done, it still comes down to the end user. As much as granite is tough and sturdy, care still needs to be taken. Avoid placing extremely hot materials on them, wipe off stains as soon as you can and avoid anything that can chip or crack the stone (although there might be none). If you do this, you will have them forever.

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