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5 Granite Stone Colours for Modern Kitchens

Granite Stone Colours

These days, the décor and style of your kitchen is just as important as the décor and style of your living room. Kitchens are a style statement, and they are also designed to last the time of time, so you don’t need to keep redecorating too often.

It’s not all about kitchen cabinets and flooring, as you need to give serious thought to your kitchen countertop. This is probably the most important part of your new kitchen, because this is the part which is going to take the most stress and hammer over the time you have it installed. From hot pains, knives, liquids, and everything in-between, your countertop has to take the strain, and then some.

Granite stone is an excellent choice to do all of these things, and it is extremely low in maintenance too, which makes for the ideal answer to our busy lives these days.

So, you’ve chosen granite, but your next decision is which colour to go for.

If you have a modern kitchen, a sleek and shiny décor, then you need a sleek and shiny countertop which will fit in with it, whilst also be durable and easy to clean.

Here are five fantastic granite stone colours you can choose from, giving you the ideal accent choice.

Andromeda White – White is a classic choice, because it literally goes with everything, other than cream, and that makes for a flexible purchase which is going to last you a long time indeed, surpassing other décor changes. This particular white shade isn’t bog-standard, as it has darker flecks which run through it, rather than vein lines. When you pair this particular granite stone with other modernistic colours, such as black, grey, or even coffee shades, it will certainly look the part.

Angola Blue – Black never goes out of fashion, but maybe you get a little bored of it? It’s possible! For that reason, you can mix it up slightly and give your modern kitchen a little décor twist, by choosing a dark midnight blue, instead of jet black. This particular granite stone choice is extremely dark, but when the light hits, you can see that it is a little different, with glittery darker flecks running through it too. If you’re looking for sparkle, this is the one to go for.

Verde Bamboo – Everyone goes for black, grey, brown, or cream, but what if you want to do something totally different and seriously pimp up your modern kitchen? Verde bamboo is, as the name would suggest, a green hue of granite slab, with cream and darker black horizontal lines running through it in an irregular pattern. This particular choice goes wonderfully well with white or cream cabinets, giving you a clean and modern appearance to your kitchen space.

Viscont White – This is not just an ordinary white, it is almost cream and has small dots over its surface which are blue or black. This looks fantastic with black cabinets, or with further white colour schemed cabinets, to give the illusion of space. If you pair this with shiny metal handles to you cabinet, you will have a very sleek kitchen in your midst.

Verde Marinace – Finally we have another green choice, but this one is slightly different because of the pattern. A light green, this has large, irregular circles running across it, almost like pebbles, in a grey, brown, white, and black colour scheme. Fantastic as something totally different, and a little quirky too.