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5 Cream Granite Colours for Kitchen Worktops

Granite Kitchen Worktops

So, you’ve opted for granite for your new kitchen worktop – well done, you’ve chosen very wisely!

Granite is a very hard-wearing choice for your work surface, and it is a stone which is going to stand up to most of the tests you will throw at it over a good few years to come. Of course, no stone in the world is indestructible, not even kryptonite! For that reason, you need to be careful with heat and anything which may scratch the stone, but on the whole, a granite worktop is going to last you for as long as you need it to, without having to replace it too early.

One area you do need to be careful of however is the choice of colour you go for. If you choose a colour which isn’t that neutral, or perhaps not even natural, then when you come to redecorate your kitchen in a few years’ time, you may find that your worktop doesn’t ‘go’ with your new colour scheme. What happens then? You have to change your worktop again, of course. That’s an expensive redecoration.

The answer is to pick wisely at this stage, to avoid problems in the future.

Many people are now opting for cream for their kitchen worktop, no matter what stone they go for. Cream is a very serviceable colour, and it is one which looks ultra-cosy, but yet professional at the same time. You can basically dress cream up in any way you want to, making it a very flexible choice for your new kitchen worktop.

Of course, every colour has different shades, and granite is also available in different patterns and finishes also. To help you decide which cream to go for, check out these suggestions of the top five cream granite colours.

Giallo Ornamental – This is a good middle ground between cream and beige, or even brown, because whilst the base colour is undeniably cream, the top covering is flecked with dark brown and beige lines and spots. You could easily pair this shade with either beige, brown, or cream cabinets.

Shivakashi – This particular shade is quite different, but not at all ‘out there’. This is therefore a flexible option. The cream base is accented with brown, orange, and grey lines and speckles, all in a very unpredictable pattern. Again, this is easy to combine with many other decors.

Rosa Porrino – If you want something which is more of a predictable and therefore ordered pattern when you choose a cream base colour, this is for you. The grey, brown, and black fleck pattern is ordered and regular, giving you a really luxurious-looking covering.

Imperial White – No, it’s not white! Despite the name, this is actually a white and cream colour scheme, and one which looks beautiful. The great advantage of this is that you can create many different decors and it will go with many other colours. The pattern is small and grained, which isn’t too bold. Basically, this will look fantastic in either a traditional kitchen or a modern one.

Ivory Fantasy – The name alone sounds fantastic, but the actual colour scheme is really very opulent. The cream base is covered in veins which are borderline silver and white, with darker flecks running across the top of it.